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We’ve just completed our new album “Heartthrob” which will be released in 2013. We’ll be spending Christmas with family and we’ve been moving the locale each year to keep it fun.

  1. The Vince Guaraldi Trio
    A Charlie Brown Christmas (MUSIC)

  2. Daphni
    Jiaolong (MUSIC)

  3. Chris Ware
    Building Stories (BOOK)

  4. Emma Donoghue
    Astray (BOOK)

  5. Kate Zambreno
    Heroines (BOOK)

  6. Leos Carax
    Holy Motors (FILM)

  7. Ben Affleck
    Argo (FILM)

  8. Jason Moore
    Pitch Perfect (FILM)

Michael Walker
Price Check (FILM)

Kendrick Lamar
Good Kid, m.a.a.d City (MUSIC)

Footnote: Twin sisters Tegan and Sara have been playing songs together since childhood.


Kochi-Muziris Biennale


Krishnamachari: Over the holidays, I can work on the completion of my house in Alwaye , Kerala.

Komu: After the closing of the first edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale I will get back on to my work as an artist, planning a multimedia solo project on India with an “Idea of Newness”.

  1. Orhan Pamuk
    My Name is Red (BOOK)

  2. Satyajit Ray
    Pather Panchali (FILM)

  3. Wim Wenders
    Pina (FILM)

  4. Bahman Ghobadi
    Turtles Can Fly (FILM)

  5. Ali Farka Toure
    In The Heart Of The Moon (MUSIC)

  6. Samuel Beckett
    Waiting For Godot (play)

  7. Andrei Tarkovsky
    Andrei Rublev (FILM)


Publisher, Gestalten


We have a ton of book projects and workshops for 2013 including graphic designer Jessica Hische and the creative director at MoMA, Julia Hoffmann. I’ll be with family in Berlin at Christmas, offline and offscreen.

  1. Super700
    Under the No Sky (MUSIC)

  2. François de Roubaix
    Anthologie Vol 1 (MUSIC)

  3. Johann Sebastian Bach
    Christmas Oratorio (MUSIC)

  4. And Also the Trees
    Hunter Not the Hunted (MUSIC)

  5. Erling Kagge and Kenneth Steven
    Philosophy for Polar Explorers (BOOK)

  6. Richard Ford
    Canada (BOOK)

  7. Jon Savage
    Teenage: The Prehistory of Youth Culture: 1875-1945 (BOOK)

  8. Tim Burton
    The Nightmare Before Christmas (FILM)

  9. JG Ballard
    War Fever (BOOK)


Film director


I’ll be with the family over the holidays but every year is spent editing a FILM. We’re finishing off the FILM we shot this year called “A Field in England” which is an English Civil War movie meets psychedelia.

  1. Cluster
    Self-titled (MUSIC)

  2. Harmonia
    Deluxe (MUSIC)

  3. Tangerine Dream
    Phaedra (MUSIC)

  4. Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle
    Study Series 08: Inversions (MUSIC)

  5. Brian Eno
    Music for films (MUSIC)

  6. José Padilha
    Elite squad: The Enemy Within (FILM)

  7. Peter Yates
    The Friends of Eddie Coyle (FILM)

  8. Shane Carruth
    Primer (FILM)

  9. Hayao Miyazaki
    Starting Point 1979-1996 (BOOK)

  10. The Owl Service
    Alan Garner (BOOK)




We’ve just finished a tour in Eastern Europe and at this point it feels as if there are endless places to see, experience and of course eat. Dirty Beaches has two full length LPs for release in 2013, and I’ll be moving to Berlin this winter to record.

  1. Andy Stott
    We Stay Together (MUSIC)

  2. Femminielli
    Carte Blanche Aux Desirs (MUSIC)

  3. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Revep EP (MUSIC)

  4. Quincy Troupe
    Miles: The Autobiography (BOOK)

  5. Grzegorz Królikiewicz
    The Dancing Hawk (FILM)

  6. Hot & Cold
    Border Area (MUSIC)

Kenzo digital

Director, artist


For 2013 I will be exploring more of the technology-driven experiential work I have been doing. I am also working on an incredible Wu-Tang Clan documentary. New York is a great place to be around the holidays, I love the energy here as it ramps up to Christmas.

  1. Paul Thomas Anderson
    The Master (FILM)

  2. Jacques Audiard
    Un Prophète (FILM)

  3. Stacy Peralta
    Bones Brigade: An Autobiography (FILM)

  4. Richard Donner
    Scrooged (FILM)

  5. Wes Anderson
    Moonrise Kingdom (FILM)

  6. Carson Mell
    Tarantula (web animation series)

  7. Miles Davis
    Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (MUSIC)

  8. Ghostface Killah
    12 Reasons To Die (MUSIC)

  9. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics
    Inspiration Information 3 (MUSIC)

  10. Adrian Younge
    Venice Dawn (MUSIC)

  11. Jackson 5
    Jackson 5 Christmas Album (MUSIC)

  12. Karriem Riggins
    Alone Together (MUSIC)

  13. Walter Isaacson
    Steve Jobs (BOOK)


Deputy editor, Die Welt


Christmas will be in Berlin and then we’ll hang out in Tenerife. For 2013 “Die Welt” and “Welt am Sonntag” will still be having fun challenging German mainstream opinion.

  1. Asif Kapadia
    Senna (FILM)

  2. Irgendwie und Sowieso (dvd)

  3. Norbert Schoerner
    Third Life, Violette Editions (BOOK)

  4. Rainald Goetz
    Johann Holtrop, Suhrkamp Verlag (BOOK)

Nicholas Cullinan,

Curator, Tate


Christmas is about good company and general merriment. I’ll be spending a quiet Christmas with friends and the New Year in Tuscany for a big old party. In early 2013 I’ll be in New York researching Robert Rauschenberg.

  1. Azealia Banks
    kunt.fm (online radio)

  2. Jean-Philippe Rameau
    Castor et Pollux (MUSIC)

  3. Wham!
    Last Christmas (MUSIC)

  4. Niccolò Machiavelli
    The Prince (BOOK)

  5. Andy Warhol
    The Andy Warhol Diaries (BOOK)

  6. David Abulafia
    The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean (BOOK)

  7. Albert and David Maysles
    Grey Gardens (FILM)

  8. Her Majesty the Queen
    The Queen’s Speech (TV)




For 2013 I’m working on a new album, finishing a new song and thinking about what’s next.

  1. Peter Ivers
    Terminal Love (MUSIC)

  2. T-REX
    Tanx (MUSIC)

  3. Curtis Mayfield
    There’s No Place Like America Today (MUSIC)

  4. Stanley Kubrick
    The Shining (FILM)

  5. Russ Meyer
    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (FILM)

  6. Nicolas Winding Refn
    Drive (FILM)

  7. Shigeru Mizuki
    Kappa No Sanpei (manga)

  8. Kazuo Umezu
    Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu (manga)

  9. Yoshiharu Tsuge
    Munou No Hito (manga)


Creative director, Nobrow


We are launching a dedicated children’s imprint called Flying Eye BOOKs in the new year. Christmas is about getting everyone together once a year and showing you care – it’s not a religious thing to me.

  1. Alt-J
    An Awesome Wave (MUSIC)

  2. Flying Lotus
    Until the Quiet Comes (MUSIC)

  3. Luke Pearson
    Hilda and the Bird Parade (BOOK)

  4. Isaac Asimov
    The Foundation Series (BOOK)

  5. Tinariwen
    Tassili (MUSIC)

  6. Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano
    Untouchable (FILM)

Footnote: Nobrow are a London-based publishing house and store specialising in graphic novels.




I will probably be touring most of 2013 so right now I’m trying to think of a way that I can travel without having to deal with airports and planes. Maybe by waterskis. Recently I’ve been recording in LA with Dave Sitek but I’ll be spending Christmas in Denmark with family. It’s a tradition I look forward to.

  1. Toy
    Toy (MUSIC)

  2. Bat for Lashes
    Laura (MUSIC)

  3. Jack London
    Klondike Tales (BOOK)

  4. Tom Sachs
    Space Program (BOOK)

  5. Asif Kapadia
    Senna (FILM)

  6. John Hughes
    Home Alone (FILM)

  7. Daniel Gordon
    A State of Mind (FILM)

  8. Marc Webb
    The Amazing Spider-Man (FILM)

  9. Frank Darabont
    The Walking Dead (dvd)

  10. Radiolab (podcast)

Footnote: Before finding success in MUSIC, Oh Land was trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.


DJ, Tresor Records


Christmas will be in Argentina, I don’t know exactly where, perhaps Buenos Aires or in the middle of the Pampa during a month-long tour.

  1. Wim Wenders
    Wings of Desire (FILM)

  2. Luis Buñuel
    Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie (FILM)

  3. Xavier Dolan
    Laurence Anyways (FILM)

  4. Oliver Sacks
    MUSICophilia (BOOK)

  5. Charles Baudelaire
    Les Fleurs du Mal (BOOK)

  6. Hermann Hesse
    Siddhartha (BOOK)

  7. DJ Deep
    Kern Vol 1 (MUSIC)

  8. Jacaszek
    Glimmer (MUSIC)




I like Christmas, eating lots of heavy food and doing all the usual preparations. Early 2013 I’ll be promoting my newest album “Smalhans”, playing shows and festivals all over the world. I’ll also spend as much time as possible in my studio in Oslo.

  1. Bernard Knowles, The Beatles
    Magical Mystery Tour (FILM)

  2. Donnie & Joe Emerson
    Dreamin’ Wild (MUSIC)

  3. Dheeraj Akolkar
    Liv & Ingmar (FILM)

  4. Wes Anderson
    Moonrise Kingdom (FILM)

  5. Sensation’s Fix
    MUSIC Is Painting In The Air (MUSIC)

  6. Harold Mcgee
    On Food And Cooking (BOOK)

  7. Taken By Trees
    Other Worlds (MUSIC)

  8. Simon Reynolds
    Retromania (BOOK)

  9. Flying Lotus
    Until The Quiet Comes (MUSIC)

  10. Jean Luc-Godard
    Weekend (FILM)


Director, Sundance FILM Festival


It’s exciting to see what artists are saying. In addition to FILMs in 2013, we will also present immersive, technology-driven installations in our New Frontier exhibition and MUSIC performances.

  1. Cheryl Strayed
    Wild (BOOK)

  2. Gillian Flynn
    Gone Girl (BOOK)

  3. Ben Fountain
    Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (BOOK)

  4. Dave Eggers
    Zeitoun (BOOK)

  5. Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    All About Eve (FILM)

  6. Bob Fosse
    All That Jazz (FILM)

  7. Andrew Haigh
    Weekend (FILM)

  8. Benh Zeitlin
    Beasts of the Southern Wild (FILM)

  9. Peyton Reed
    Bring It On (FILM)

  10. Dionne Warwick
    Greatest Hits (MUSIC)

  11. Rodriguez
    Searching for Sugar Man soundtrack (MUSIC)




By the end of 2012 I will be working on my new novel and since I don’t know how long it will take me to complete, I am already depressed about it. It’ll take readers on an unusual journey across two empires, two continents and seven seas.

  1. Hans Fallada
    Alone in Berlin (BOOK)

  2. Samuel Arbesman
    The Half Life of Facts: Why Everything We Know Has An Expiration Date (BOOK)

  3. Zainab Salbi
    Between Two Worlds (BOOK)

  4. The xx
    Coexist (MUSIC)

  5. Sandra Cisneros
    Woman Hollering Creek (BOOK)

  6. Asghar Farhadi
    A Separation (FILM)

  7. Terry Gilliam
    Brazil (FILM)

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