March 2013

Why the world needs the new Germans (and their sweet bear): A Monocle special report on how Europe’s star economy uses business brawn, good design and Gummi Bears to win hearts, minds and tummies.

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Teutonic lights

When we think about 21st-century Europe, we think about Germany. But our picture of the character and global outlook of the country can often be shaped by outdated notions. Here, Monocle crosses the real Germany and disc…

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The hand made tale

In a globalised market flooded with faux-artisan branding, real craftsmen are endangered. But in Kyoto, where tradition rules, a new initiative is refreshing generations-old techniques to bring Japanese craft to a worldwide…

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The ice man

Finland’s icebreakers are crucial for keeping the Baltic Sea navigable and its ports open. Captain Tommy Berg is at the helm of the MSV Fennica. He says keeping the ship on the right course is ultimately a team effort.

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Sweetness and might

Think you’ve got the measure of the Haribo gummy bear? Think again. Behind that loveable face is a company that buys out rivals and takes its competitors to court. And we bet you didn’t know what country he’s from…



The outsiders

Munich’s reputation rests largely on history, luxury and beer. But for 2013, the Bavarian city is setting a new focus, on public art. It has invited an outside force – artist duo Elmgreen + Dragset – to playfully carry out…



Asia briefing

We put Burma's president Thein Sein under the sartorial spotlight. We also find out why Taiwan is making more babies and get the latest on the Malaysian elections



Building sights

BAU is the world’s largest fair for the construction and architecture industries while also being a dream getaway for home handymen. From grand designs to garden sheds, Monocle visits the design world’s most no-nonsense…

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