April 2014

Sharp tailoring to studious specs: how to create the perfect frame. Our editors and correspondents on the buyers, new brands, select shops and smart-looking cities for the season ahead — a Monocle Special


Towering above it

In the centre of Bogotá stands late Colombian architect Rogelio Salmona’s striking Park Towers – a 1970s residential development that blends harmoniously with its mountainous surroundings and serves as a unique public space…


Meet the top dogs

If your frosty international relations need melting, a big, friendly dog may do the trick. We meet four important members of the diplomatic staff.


New dynasty

The historic city of Xi’an may be best known for its ancient walls and Terracotta Army but it’s becoming a global business hub too. Monocle takes a tour, visiting an industrial park where a high-speed railway is being…


House proud

Social housing is often regarded as the architectural afterthought of governments tackling home shortages. But four innovative new developments, from London to Tokyo, are showing how good design and collaborative ideas can…


The new wave

Australia’s surf-lifesaving clubs offer essential services such as plucking stricken swimmers from waters around the nation’s coast. In Sydney, a new clubhouse is celebrating the best of Australian beach culture and arrives…


Making a show of it

The annual Stockholm Furniture Fair is the place to see the work of new design studios who are dipping their toes into the market, alongside all the established brands – and, unusually, those that are somewhere in between…


Asia briefing

The challenges facing Tokyo's new governor, a Q&A with the man responsible for protecting the Philippines from climate change and a dispatch on Korea


Music to our ears

Following years of government restrictions, Pakistani TV is on the up, with a surge of new channels. Hitting the right notes and standing out from the foreign imports is new musicaxl drama ‘Taan’, Pakis-tan’s answer to…


Govern this

If you’re a world leader looking to make a digital healthcare system that works (we’re talking to you, Mr Obama) or you’re the mayor of a city rife with unemployment, then read on. We meet the leaders who have got the…


Europe briefing

The style of Turkey's embattled prime minister, a controversial new development around Belgrade and a Hungarian election watch


Inventory No. 72

This month, we fancy some new shoes, a set of sakés and a survival kit plus we put the spotlight on Wästberg’s copper desk lamp.


Written authority

Ismail Kadare has had to do battle with autocracy and animosity throughout his 60-year career but has emerged as a world-renowned author and Man Booker prizewinner. Monocle headed to Paris to meet Albania’s celebrated…


The big city

The Bolivian city of Santa Cruz has an independent spirit that sees it often pushing against the country’s charismatic socialist leader, President Evo Morales. But with a surrounding province that’s the breadbasket and fuel…

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