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01- Lamp

Edizioni Design

Milan-based Edizioni Design launched its first collection last April and we’ve taken a shine to its dazzling desk lamps. The arm can be fitted vertically or at an angle from its sturdy steel base to cast light in different directions.

02- Coasters

Bower Studios

Founded by Brooklyn natives Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi in 2013, Bower Studios makes homeware including this chopping board built around geometric patterns. This set of cork-and-veneer coasters (below, left), made for Williamsburg-based Areaware, can be combined to create larger patterns.

03- Book

Manuals 2

This weighty book describes the graphic-design backstories of a few choice brands, including Canadian National Railways, the Montréal Olympics and the Dutch police.

04- Bike bag

Makr x Tokyobike

This pannier-style bike bag is designed by Florida-based firm Makr in collaboration with Japanese cycle maestro Tokyobike. Each panel is double-layered and water resistant.

05- Gin

Koval Distillery

“We produce our own rye base, which gives our gin its distinctive hint of spice,” says Robert Birnecker, who founded Chicago-based Koval Distillery with his wife Sonat in 2008. This subtle gin boasts bright notes of citrus and a grassy palate offset with hints of spicy white pepper.

06- Footwear

Broughton Boots

Inspired by the company started by his great-grandfather Elijah more than a century ago, Tom Broughton’s first collection of sturdy Northamptonshire-made footwear will be available from early 2015.

07- Pestle and mortar

Normann Copenhagen

Made from oak and marble, this pestle and mortar joins a new rolling pin and a series of salt-and-pepper mills in the Danish firm’s new cookery collection.

08- Scarf


This Scottish-made lambswool scarf comes courtesy of Antwerp-based knitwear ace Howlin’. Launched in 2009 by brothers Patrick and Jay Olyslager, the company releases 40 such comely cover-ups, gloves and hats each season.

09- Watch

Kitmen Keung

This gold-rimmed stainless-steel watch comes from Hong Kong-based designer Kitmen Keung. Its thin profile makes it ideal for everyday wear and its calf-leather strap makes doing so a comfortable prospect.

10- Saké

Shimonoseki Shuzo

Founded in 1923, Shimonoseki Shuzo is a small saké maker in Japan’s Yamaguchi prefecture. “Our founders wanted to make their own saké from their own rice,” says company president Tadaomi Uchida. The eye-catching logo comes courtesy of Yoshii Design Works. Best enjoyed chilled, this sweet and subtly flavoured drink pairs perfectly with sashimi or carpaccio.

11- Woodworking kit


This sharp-looking whittling kit was conceived to promote the idea of taking matters into your own hands. “Woodcarving is a wake-up call; a creative relief,” says Tälja’s Swedish founder Jakob Nielsen. The carry case includes a knife, birchwood for carving, sandpaper for smoothing and a how-to guide.

12- Porcelain pot

Kristine Bjaadal

Since 2010, young ceramicist Kristine Bjaadal has built a following for her pretty vessels. The August pot is available in a range of colours and comes capped with a solid-oak lid. “A vase can be empty but still contain the idea of keeping and preserving something and taking care of it,” she says.

13- Candlesticks


We’re waxing lyrical about Belgian-born Ariane van Dievoet’s US-made candlesticks. Each has a leather strip on its base to add traction and a dimple to allow the three sizes to be stacked and reconfigured into angular towers. The tapered tip is designed for holding soft beeswax candles and its brass body casts a warm glow.

14- Wallet

PB 0110

This leather wallet may be slim but the fanned interior of this Christian Metzner-designed piece makes it capacious enough for daily use. Accented by a chunky brass zip, the vegetable-tanned case will smooth and wear with age to form a distinctive patina and create a change holder to cherish.

15- Tea

Wolf Tea

Wolf Tea’s designs have added a splash of colour to tea breaks since 2013. Each one is sourced from a single plantation (as opposed to blends) and selected from regions throughout Taiwan to include a high-mountain Oolong and a milky black tea: a sumptuous offering with a uniquely creamy and milk-like profile.

16- Toy plane

The Oak Men

Transforming a box-fresh wooden stencil into this RAF Spitfire drums up boyhood memories for Danish cabinet-makers Anders Buchtrup Jensen and Peter Hensberg. The model’s name, Plane No.1, hints at the prospect of future landings from the duo.

17- Cutlery

Graf Sunao

Setting the table is a pleasure with this playful stainless steel range so for our flatware we have turned to Osaka-based studio Graf’s Tsubame Shinko-manufactured pieces. Knives have been manufactured by the Niigata-based specialist since 1919 and as you can see the firm has kept its cutting edge.

18- Honey


Harvested on the Aegean island of Astypalaia, this thyme-tinged honey is produced in small batches to keep the process sustainable. Illustrator Si Scott and Athens-based design firm Mousegraphics have teamed up to create the label. “We are treasure hunters trying to find the best food,” says Foodscross co-founder Panos Kirnidis.


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