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From Austrian wine to just-so mustard and tinned fish to Tabasco, here's our shopping list for a few necessities to keep your cupboard stocked.

  1. Breadsticks from Crosta & Mollica
  2. 1985 Château Mouton Rothschild;
  3. Yuzu sake from Kitajima
  4. Pasta from Benedetto Cavalieri
  5. Whisky from Nikka;
  6. Baking powder from Borwick’s
  7. Fruit in syrup from Fruita Blanch
  8. Vitamin drink from Vitamin Fix
  9. Amaretti biscuits from Chiostro di Saronno
  10. Anchovy paste by Angelo Parodi
  11. Dijon mustard from Fallot
  12. Marinade from Cullisse
  13. Oil from De Andreis
  14. Shirodashi soup stock from Yamamo
  15. Tuna from Ortiz
  16. Panettone from G Cova & C
  17. Tea from Mancha
  18. Cola from Fritz Kola
  19. Tabasco sauce
  20. Chocolate bars from Melrose and Morgan
  21. Canned peppers
  22. Flour from Vero Lucano;
  23. Canadian porridge oats
  24. 2012 Steinterrassen Riesling from Franz Hirtzberger



We've assembled some specialist prices from scales to sharpeners and trivets to tongs (not to mention a handsome technicolour snapper and English crab for starters). All the ingredients you'll need for the kitchen.

  1. Scales from H Feredey & Sons
  2. English crab
  3. Knife sharpeners from Taylor’s Eye Witness
  4. Whetstone knife sharpener from Shun Kai
  5. Wood utensils from Scanwood
  6. Wood tray
  7. Knife
  8. Salt shaker from Plusminuszero
  9. Tray from Tiipoi
  10. Alumite box
  11. Maple soup bowl
  12. Knife from Shun Kai
  13. Aluminium rice-wine cup
  14. Sugar pot
  15. Braising skillet from Borough Furnace
  16. Red snapper
  17. Knife from Shun Kai
  18. Cheesegrater
  19. Copper ladle from Mauviel 1830
  20. Potato presser
  21. Fork
  22. Coffee scales from Hario
  23. Sponges from Kamenoko
  24. Palette
  25. Casserole from Iittala
  26. Spatula
  27. Trivet from Field



Cushions, candles, lights and books all make our list for sprucing up the home. There are also child-friendly diversions and an ornamental owl we're sure is a wise purchase.

  1. Cushion from Such & Such
  2. Speakers from Nocs
  3. ‘Logo Modernism’ from Taschen
  4. Travel iron from Muji
  5. Mirror from Y’a Pas Le Feu au Lac
  6. Owl vase from Bosa
  7. Pak-a-robe from Faribault Woolen Mill Co;
  8. Table lamp from Hand and Eye Studio
  9. Lamp from Margaux Keller x American Vintage;
  10. Clippers from Moser Profiline;
  11. Purse from Marimekko
  12. Candleholder from Tom Will Make
  13. Braun record player
  14. Ghost toy from Playmobil
  15. Soap from Vaasan Aito Saippua Oy;
  16. Candleholders from Hay
  17. Oil lantern from Karlskrona Lampfabrik
  18. Vases from Feinedinge
  19. Riva model boat from Aquarama
  20. Digital camera from Sigma
  21. Mobile phone from Punkt
  22. Glasses from Type
  23. Star Wars figure



  1. Vice grips from HB Tools
  2. Toolbox from Best Made Co
  3. Metal polish from Brasso
  4. Gloves from Kachiboshi
  5. Handsaw from Pax
  6. Wooden metre from WohnGeist;
  7. Extension leads from Conway Electric
  8. Scissors from Ernest Wright & Sons
  9. Screwdrivers from WohnGeist
  10. Children’s tool
  11. Hammer from WohnGeist
  12. Pincers from WohnGeist
  13. Knife from Chelsea Miller Knives
  14. Clamp pliers from WohnGeist
  15. Scissors from Ernest Wright & Son
  16. Footpump from Brookstone
  17. Bristle brush
  18. Victorinox penknife
  19. Fabric scissors from Banshu Hamono
  20. First-aid kit from Best Made Co
  21. Brass pin
  22. Scratch brush from Weiler
  23. Compass from Best Made Co



We've recruited an office ensemble guaranteed to inspire. From clips to jotters and punchers to pens, our stationery wish list will work nicely for the year ahead.

  1. Letter scales from Maul;
  2. Stapler from Folle;
  3. Alarm clock from Punkt
  4. Desk lamp from Førest
  5. Pen from Ystudio;
  6. Pad from Princeton Architectural Press
  7. Notebook from Bienvenue Publishing
  8. Pen from Ajoto;
  9. A-Z stencils
  10. Bulldog clips from Hay
  11. Fountain pen from Omas
  12. Paper clips
  13. Pencils from Tombow;
  14. Hole puncher from El Casco;
  15. Desk organisers from Herman Miller
  16. Paper knife from +d
  17. Glue from Gutenberg
  18. Chalks from Drei Sterne Kreide
  19. Braun radio alarm clock
  20. Magnifier from Field
  21. Blade cutter from Olfa
  22. Editor pencils from Koh-i-Noor;
  23. Ruler from Field
  24. Double tape dispenser



A sprinkler, a few metres, a warming flask, a decent pair of Danner boots and some sharp secateurs all make the cut for green-fingered gift givers.

  1. Lantern from Feuerhand;
  2. Watering can from Kontextür
  3. Sprinkler from Boutté;
  4. Flask from Airam;
  5. Basket from Lostine
  6. Gloves from Eurosafe
  7. Hoe
  8. Sickle
  9. Matches from Hay;
  10. Enamel thermometer from Best Made Co
  11. Seeds from Mary Lennox;
  12. Dustpan
  13. Barometer and thermometer from Lufft;
  14. Secateurs
  15. Shears
  16. Wireless lamp from Juniper
  17. Stove from Optimus;
  18. Boots from Danner
  19. Knives from Morakniv
  20. Wood bucket
  21. Potting tool
  22. Dog toy from Tom Will Make

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