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Julien Durant

co-founder of Picture Organic Clothing

recommends —The Lord of the Rings by jrr tolkien

“This book is about how to push yourself, about partnership, how to dream big, how to never give up, how friends are the key, how the team wins when you would lose alone, and how you can always adapt.”


45 /100

Horace Luke

founder of mobility company Gogoro

recommendsDesigning Design by kenya hara

“Think patiently, and deeper, to reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary. Hara’s approach is to move beyond reduction to achieve simplicity by investing more meaning in the essential.”


46 /100

Pip Jamieson

founder of professional network The Dots

recommendsGetting to Yes by roger fisher, william ury and bruce patton

“I devoured this book before heading into one of the most important meetings of my life and it has transformed the way I negotiate. It’s full of useful tips.”


47 /100

Kathrin Hamm

CEO of blanket brand Bearaby 

recommendsRadical Compassion by tara brach

“I recommend it for anyone who wants to stop living life on autopilot, combat anxiety and take the leap into doing what they’ve always wanted to do. I’ve learnt to follow my intuition and it helped me start a new venture.”


48 /100

Alex Bennett-Grant

founder and CEO of brand consultancy We Are Pi

recommendsAbundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by peter diamandis and steven kotler

“This book helped me rediscover the possibility in every problem, which is, after all, my job as a brand consultant.”


49 /100

Sarah Paiji Yoo

CEO of sustainable cleaning and personal care brand Blueland

recommendsEssentialism by greg mckeown

“It’s about the disciplined pursuit of less, which is relevant since start-ups are always strapped for time, money and resources. Organisations must decide what’s essential in order to make an impact.”


50 /100

Julietta Dexter

founder of brand-building company The Communications Store

recommendsThe Great Work of Your Life by stephen cope

“This book is a real gamechanger. For 25 years I’ve been banging a drum for the business world being about more than a making profit. It is for anyone who wants to find fulfilment.”


51 /100

Seth Godin

author of 19 business books

recommends Caste by isabel wilkerson

“If you want to understand culture, it’s important to see how it evolves. Wilkerson spent a decade chronicling institutional racism in the US. This book will help you see things you cannot unsee.”


52 /100

Minkyu Kim

CEO of rice wine company Boksoondoga

recommendsThe Communist Manifesto by karl marx and friedrich engels

“I’m not trying to show my political persuasion; I am not a communist. But this book offers a good indication of capitalism, from which I learn what to be mindful of.”

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