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Turning up the heat: The Escapist, take two

The pages of this second edition of the Escapist started flying around our office at a most curious time. Just as our editors were kicking into gear to send the July/August issue to print before many of them headed off on…


The lay of the land

From Colombia to Moldova and a fair few places in between, we take stock of what makes the world go round – and yes, manicures and underwear both feature prominently.

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Sky's the limit

Josh Fehnert reporting from Buffalo: After a post-industrial plummet in its economy, outlook and population, rust-belt city Buffalo is preparing to take flight once again. We find urban renovation, new businesses and pos…


Captive audience

Andrew Tuck reporting from the Azores: Although rain and rough waters might put a damper on your first impressions of the well-connected Azores, you’ll soon find yourself won over by the islands’ compact capital and tight…


Reportage 1. Portugal's periscope

Trish Lorenz reporting from Portugal: The Portuguese navy is one of the oldest in the world, with a history that ebbs and flows back to the 12th century. As the tides have changed so have its responsibilities, with clever…


Changing of the guard

James Chambers reporting from Hanoi: In Vietnam’s fast-paced capital where two wheels still rule the streets, old-world charm and the status quo are being challenged by a rapid social and urban transformation.


Unpolished gem

Matt Alagiah reporting from Palermo: Sicily’s capital is far from perfect but its revival, thanks to progressive leadership and the return of youthful residents, is a joy to behold.


Fully functional

Christopher Lord reporting from Brno: The Czech Republic’s second city was central to European design before falling into a troubled 20th-century sleep. Revival came thanks to research investment but its future may lie in…


Life's a breeze

Fiona Wilson reporting from Wellington: With its isolated coastal location and stunning sea views, this might be the world’s windiest city but it’s not all hot air. The New Zealand capital is home to incomparable coffee,…


Moving stories

Unpack what it means to travel and to arrive with our global tour from cab to departure lounge, hotel desk to airborne presidential suite.


Les liaisons dangereuses

Rob Bound reporting from France: What happens when you put Monocle’s Culture editor and a mysterious companion in a Jaguar and launch them on a sojourn through France from Biarritz to Marseille? On reflection it’s probably…


Sea Change

Ed Stocker reporting from Lima: Centuries of immigration have made Peru’s coastal capital the culinary envy of Latin America. Now designers hope to do the same for the city’s architecture, from restoring colonial landmarks…


Healing powers

Megan Gibson reporting from Bad Gastein: Hope springs eternal in this Austrian spa town thanks to enthusiastic newcomers enchanted by its bucolic charms.


Broad horizons

With its intriguing mix of grand colonial boulevards, art deco façades and buzzing plazas, Uruguay’s capital is emerging as a beacon of creativity and democracy in Latin America.


Cold comfort

The capital of Newfoundland and Labrador blossomed during its oil boom but it will need all the fierce optimism born of a harsh past to weather the slump.


Step into the light

Cool cottons, sharp eyewear and bold colours reign supreme this autumn. Layer up to go from poolside to cocktail hour come rain or shine on the Bayerische Riviera.

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