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‘Konfekt’ is a sharp, elegant and well-turned-out magazine from the creators of Monocle. ‘Konfekt Korner’ is the podcast: listen now and discover why celebrating chic, understated glamour, seeking out lesser-known stories and opening closed doors has never been more important. Join ‘Konfekt’ editor Sophie Grove and style director Marcela Palek as they take their seats alongside Gillian Dobias every month. Like a really good dinner party, listeners can count on great conversation, insights, ideas and reports from the world of fashion, craft, food and travel – not to mention a sunny soundtrack.

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Graphic prints, reviving an icon and a love letter to figs:

As September arrives and the leaves begin to turn gold, we cosy up at Manzi’s, a revived icon in Soho, London. We also pay a visit to the studio of fashion label Elliss, known for its graphic prints, unique silhouettes and sustainable credentials, and meet author Kelechi Okafor to talk about her debut book ‘Edge of Here’. Plus: a love letter to figs.

Latest episodes

3131 Aug 2023
49 min

Graphic prints, reviving an icon and a love letter to figs: 

As September arrives and the leaves begin to turn gold, we cosy up at Manzi’s, a revived icon in Soho, London. We also pay a visit to the studio of fashion label Elliss, known for its graphic prints, unique silhouettes and sustainable credentials, and meet author Kelechi Okafor to talk about her debut book ‘Edge of Here’. Plus: a love letter to figs.

3031 Jul 2023
51 min

Cooking with grandmas, Georgian hospitality and icy desserts: 

This month we muse on the power of our grandmothers’ cooking as we step into the kitchen of Athens-based writer Anastasia Miari. We travel to the Caucuses to find out how local traditions are helping Georgian hospitality to flourish, learn about the future of textiles and take a deep dive into the icy, innovative history of Sicily’s granita. 

2930 Jun 2023
55 min

Water as therapy, coastal inspiration and Fatoumata Diawara: 

This month we explore why we are instinctively drawn to water, touching upon the themes of healing, restoration and travel. We visit leading Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes’ coast-inspired new exhibition and head to Mallorca to meet the couple behind the label Accidente con Flores. Plus: we sit down with Malian singer-songwriter Fatoumata Diawara to talk about her life and her new album, ‘London Ko’.

282 Jun 2023
54 min

The future of mountain life, ancient luxury and the joy of serendipity: 

In this episode, we look at everything from ancient treasure to craftsmanship in the Alps and a new champagne brand to ponder how the present will shape our future. We begin by exploring the future of Alpine living, asking how to keep tradition alive and examining the already pressing issue of climate change in the region. Plus, we visit the British Museum’s impressive new exhibition ‘Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece’, and get a report from the French city of Reims profiling a new player in the champagne market. Finally, the deputy editor of ‘Konfekt’, Chiara Rimella, muses on the joy of serendipitous encounters. 

2728 Apr 2023
56 min

Alpine wellness, fresh talent and attempts at Utopia: 

As the months grow steadily warmer and brighter, ‘Konfekt’ is exploring the bounty of nature, artistic homes and fresh talent in the UK, as well as musing on alternative lifestyles. We head to the Alpine region of Bregenzerwald in Austria to meet skincare entrepreneur Susanne Kaufmann, visit Charleston, a modernist residence in Sussex associated with the Bloomsbury group, and speak to debut novelist Liv Little and musician Tyson McVey. Plus: historian Anna Neima discusses attempts at creating Utopias and why they matter.

2631 Mar 2023
56 min

The nuance of hue, rye Basel bread and gong baths: 

This episode is the kind of fresh, zesty, plucky injection of colour that’s often enough to revive you from the torpor of winter. We talk to colour consultant Anna Von Ketteler, meet colourist Cassandra Ellis and add gong baths to our wellness toolbox. Plus: we sample some tasty loaves in Zürich’s Bread.Love bakery and visit shop owner Carmen Atiyah de Baets in her Amsterdam canal store.

2528 Feb 2023
58 min

A modernist potter, restorative gardening and sustainable fashion: 

This is the time of the year when glimpses of spring sunshine are savoured – and this is energy that we channel on this episode of ‘Konfekt Korner’. We celebrate the iconic modernist potter Lucie Rie, learn about the history of Japanese silk weaving and hear about the restorative power of gardening. Plus: we speak to a brave and brilliant fashion designer, Mother of Pearl’s creative director Amy Powney, and ponder the perfect attire for a slumber party.

2431 Jan 2023
1 hour

The elegance of winter flowers, diplomacy Finnish-style and the art pub: 

This month we celebrate February’s poetic joys. We discuss the fragile elegance of winter flowers with the SSAW collective’s Olivia Wilson and Jess Geissendorfer, talk about nature as inspiration with Norwegian musician Fay Wildhagen and pull up a chair at The Audley pub to speak to Ewan Venters, CEO of Hauser & Wirth and Artfarm. Plus: the history of New York’s Chelsea Hotel on screen and resolving conflict in a traditional Finnish sauna.

2330 Dec 2022
59 min

Throwing the perfect party, immersive light and colour and starting a fire: 

While January might seem like the perfect time for a reset, here at Konfekt Korner, we look at the year ahead with excitement for what’s to come. We combine retro and disco to discuss the art of party hosting, immerse ourselves in light and colour with the work of James Turrell and keep our spirits high with a tasting courtesy of Emile Wines. Plus: we meet Italian-Brazilian conductor Simone Menezes and ponder on the technique and pleasure of starting your own fire to warm up.

2230 Nov 2022
58 min

Winter skin rituals, wreath-making and Christmas figurines: 

This month, host Sophie Grove presents the show from Dufourstrasse 90 – our Zürich outpost – and it’s full of festive fun. From how to keep your skin protected from the elements with the owner of modern apothecary Eden to a trip to Petersham Nurseries to discover the dos and don’ts of wreath-making and perfecting your Christmas cooking with chefs Ethel and Jakob of Austria’s Restaurant Klösterle – this episode contains a whole host of seasonal tips. Plus: a report from Saxony on the craftspeople still making striking nativity figurines and a final thought on the positive effect of learning dance moves by heart.

2131 Oct 2022
53 min

A post-modern tribute, the art of pickling and hiking in Samos: 

In the month of October, Konfekt spreads its wings from Samos to Seoul, the heart of London to the quaint picturesque town of Rye, to ponder everything from the power of solo hiking to how to spot the perfect kimchi and what it really means to dress for the job. Plus, why taking up a needle and thread is back in vogue and a new immersive experience at London’s Cosmic House.

2030 Sep 2022
52 min

Island living, biodynamic wine and the thrill of a cold dip: 

Autumn’s arrived - and with it - a back to school reset and a noticeable chill in the air. In this episode, we distract our listeners by pondering a life elsewhere in the Azores, meet studious songstress and artist-on-the-rise Léa Sen, get a tour of Copenhagen’s curious and chic concept store Holly Golightly, delve into the history of an Austrian biodynamic wine estate and finally, we brace ourselves to take a dip in colder waters.

1931 Aug 2022
57 min

The folding fan, ice cream and the Atlantic coast: 

The warm latter days of summer are among the best and are to be savoured. In this episode we hear about the history of the folding fan, discover the recently restored La Bastide de Saint-Tropez, visit Casa Reîa on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, check out Zurich’s Eisvogel ice cream and muse on the meditative power of archery.

181 Aug 2022
60 min

The French Riviera, surfing and beach bags: 

This episode is about leaving the urban world behind. We dive into the tumultuous ocean mastered by surfers in the film ‘Girls Can’t Surf’, reflect on the essence of holiday style in photography book ‘Light on the Riviera’, pack our favourite Odile Collective beach bag and muse on the dog days of summer.

1730 Jun 2022
60 min

The power of cooking, pottery and ice: 

This episode is a burst of summer optimism and inspiration. We ponder the joy of Studio Pottery, discuss the power of cooking with Shiza Shahid of ‘Our Place’ and take the temperature of the art world with an incisive review of Art Basel. Plus: curator Corinne Mynatt tells us about the history of ice, from cold houses of ancient Persia to the wonders of the modern freezer.



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