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‘Konfekt’ is a sharp, elegant and well-turned-out magazine from the creators of Monocle. ‘Konfekt Korner’ is the podcast: listen now and discover why celebrating chic, understated glamour, seeking out lesser-known stories and opening closed doors has never been more important. Join ‘Konfekt’ editor Sophie Grove and style director Marcela Palek as they take their seats alongside Gillian Dobias every month. Like a really good dinner party, listeners can count on great conversation, insights, ideas and reports from the world of fashion, craft, food and travel – not to mention a sunny soundtrack.

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‘Konfekt Korner’ special: mindful manufacturing:

Today we’re live in front of an audience at London Craft Week to explore the world of mindful manufacturing. Mud Talks, set at the Vitsoe shop in London’s Marylebone, brought together Mud Australia’s Shelley Simpson, Vitsoe’s managing director, Mark Adams and David Mellor’s creative director, Corin Mellor, to discuss the intricacies of how to balance enduring design with sustainable manufacturing at scale.            

Latest episodes

17 May 2024
38 min

‘Konfekt Korner’ special: mindful manufacturing 

Today we’re live in front of an audience at London Craft Week to explore the world of mindful manufacturing. Mud Talks, set at the Vitsoe shop in London’s Marylebone, brought together Mud Australia’s Shelley Simpson, Vitsoe’s managing director, Mark Adams and David Mellor’s creative director, Corin Mellor, to discuss the intricacies of how to balance enduring design with sustainable manufacturing at scale.            

3930 Apr 2024
42 min

Watchmaking, Turkish baths and Nordic spring 

This episode is infused with the spirit of a transformative travelogue: we begin in the incredible 500-year-old Cinili Hamam in Istanbul’s Zeyrek district, reflect on the power and beauty of expansive, flat landscapes and hear tales of innovation and craftsmanship with Van Cleef & Arpels. Plus: the misplaced optimism of a Nordic spring.

3829 Mar 2024
51 min

Natural wine, exploring Italy and decorating eggs 

This show marks the arrival of spring with an homage to the season: we’ll find out about the art of traversing the streets of Rome with author Cynthia Zarin and pop some corks with sommelier Honey Spencer at her London restaurant Sune. Then: we sit down for an intimate chat with musician Marika Hackman and discover Julia Lasica’s lyrical homage to the tradition of ‘pysanky’ and decorating eggs.   

3729 Feb 2024
46 min

Cabaret on rails, smoke sauna and the alchemy of scent 

This episode of Konfekt Korner explores themes of early spring and its sense of vernal opportunity. We spend four hours in a hotbox being rubbed with ashes and honey to report on Estonian sauna culture, hop on board a historic British Pullman to join the riotous Carriage Club and explore the world of perfumery at L’Oreal’s The Art & Science of Fragrance festival in Paris. Plus: we reflect on the power of owning your own look in the fashion set.

3631 Jan 2024
47 min

Celebrity culture, supper clubs and Mongolian cashmere 

As we emerge from our winter torpor, it’s time to hit the road. We visit a new exhibition of work by photographer Russell Young in London, before heading to Athens to a mind-expanding supper club. We’ll meet an expert to discuss the social history of road films and hear about one writer’s journey to Mongolia, where he found himself the owner of an ever-expanding cashmere collection. 

3529 Dec 2023
50 min

Disco fashions, the power of eyeliner and candlelight 

We discuss the history and cultural significance of eyeliner, learn how 1970s and 1980s disco fashions still inspires us today and hit the trails with Icelandic musician JFDR. Plus: how candlelight can improve almost every situation.

3430 Nov 2023
53 min

Retail forays with Mytheresa, Mud Australia and DJ Sofia Kourtesis 

This month we want to aid and inspire your festive retail forays, whether that’s through the fine porcelains of Sydney-based brand Mud Australia or a new album by Peruvian artist, Sofia Kourtesis. We also check in with online-retail giant Mytheresa to find out what makes customers tick at this time of year and delve into the history of the most festive evergreen: mistletoe. 

3331 Oct 2023
1 hour

The power of jewellery, colour revolution and wearing tweed 

There is something about the first long, dark nights of winter that make us crave things that sparkle. It’s perhaps for that reason that we’ve gravitated towards the theme of adornment in this episode. We discuss the history of jewellery with two peerless experts, head to the Dance Reflections festival by Parisian house Van Cleef & Arpels and visit a show exploring the pioneering colour of the Victorian era. Plus: we hear from a historian using objects to retell history through a female gaze and muse on the enduring allure of tweed.

3229 Sep 2023
49 min

London Design Festival, idyllic getaways and cycling in nature 

In this episode we explore health rituals and the lost practice of bathing in whey. We also drop in at the London Design Festival to hear about artists using offcuts to create beautiful, innovative designs, journey to the foothills of the mountain of Pelion and discuss the therapeutic value of cycling in nature.

3131 Aug 2023
49 min

Graphic prints, reviving an icon and a love letter to figs 

As September arrives and the leaves begin to turn gold, we cosy up at Manzi’s, a revived icon in Soho, London. We also pay a visit to the studio of fashion label Elliss, known for its graphic prints, unique silhouettes and sustainable credentials, and meet author Kelechi Okafor to talk about her debut book ‘Edge of Here’. Plus: a love letter to figs.

3031 Jul 2023
51 min

Cooking with grandmas, Georgian hospitality and icy desserts 

This month we muse on the power of our grandmothers’ cooking as we step into the kitchen of Athens-based writer Anastasia Miari. We travel to the Caucuses to find out how local traditions are helping Georgian hospitality to flourish, learn about the future of textiles and take a deep dive into the icy, innovative history of Sicily’s granita. 

2930 Jun 2023
55 min

Water as therapy, coastal inspiration and Fatoumata Diawara 

This month we explore why we are instinctively drawn to water, touching upon the themes of healing, restoration and travel. We visit leading Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes’ coast-inspired new exhibition and head to Mallorca to meet the couple behind the label Accidente con Flores. Plus: we sit down with Malian singer-songwriter Fatoumata Diawara to talk about her life and her new album, ‘London Ko’.

282 Jun 2023
54 min

The future of mountain life, ancient luxury and the joy of serendipity 

In this episode, we look at everything from ancient treasure to craftsmanship in the Alps and a new champagne brand to ponder how the present will shape our future. We begin by exploring the future of Alpine living, asking how to keep tradition alive and examining the already pressing issue of climate change in the region. Plus, we visit the British Museum’s impressive new exhibition ‘Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece’, and get a report from the French city of Reims profiling a new player in the champagne market. Finally, the deputy editor of ‘Konfekt’, Chiara Rimella, muses on the joy of serendipitous encounters. 

2728 Apr 2023
56 min

Alpine wellness, fresh talent and attempts at Utopia 

As the months grow steadily warmer and brighter, ‘Konfekt’ is exploring the bounty of nature, artistic homes and fresh talent in the UK, as well as musing on alternative lifestyles. We head to the Alpine region of Bregenzerwald in Austria to meet skincare entrepreneur Susanne Kaufmann, visit Charleston, a modernist residence in Sussex associated with the Bloomsbury group, and speak to debut novelist Liv Little and musician Tyson McVey. Plus: historian Anna Neima discusses attempts at creating Utopias and why they matter.

2631 Mar 2023
56 min

The nuance of hue, rye Basel bread and gong baths 

This episode is the kind of fresh, zesty, plucky injection of colour that’s often enough to revive you from the torpor of winter. We talk to colour consultant Anna Von Ketteler, meet colourist Cassandra Ellis and add gong baths to our wellness toolbox. Plus: we sample some tasty loaves in Zürich’s Bread.Love bakery and visit shop owner Carmen Atiyah de Baets in her Amsterdam canal store.



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