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Everything you need to know about the world of design, from furniture to fashion and craft to architecture. Expect fresh stories, new finds and designers and all the latest news from the world’s most exciting studios.

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Pitti Uomo 91:

We head to Florence to bring you a report from the 91st edition of Pitti Uomo, one of the most exciting events in the menswear calendar.

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19 Jan 2017

On Design 24: How did Portugal perfect the pavement?: 

By arranging small flat pieces of stone by hand to form patterns and images, Portugal created one of its most iconic symbols: the ‘calçada portuguesa’, or Portuguese pavement. Monocle 24’s Carlota Rebelo mulls over the path that the craft has taken.

27517 Jan 2017

Pitti Uomo 91: 

We head to Florence to bring you a report from the 91st edition of Pitti Uomo, one of the most exciting events in the menswear calendar.

12 Jan 2017

On Design 23: What can a title sequence add to a film?: 

This week Ben Rylan, presenter of ‘The Cinema Show’, takes a closer look at an often overlooked piece of cinematic design: the opening title sequence. Though less and less common, the title sequence can be a powerful tool for setting the mood of a film. And when we asked Ben what his favourite title sequence was he replied: “There can be only one: 1978’s ‘Superman’.”

27410 Jan 2017

Sneaker special: 

On today’s boxfresh show we step into the well-worn world of wearable design as we cast our gaze streetward and talk shoe design with a 30-year veteran of the industry from Nike and an Argentinian cobbler making shoes to last. Plus: the new magazine for footwear aficionados.

5 Jan 2017

On Design 22: Is India building the wrong kind of architecture?: 

James Taylor-Foster, European editor at large at architecture website ArchDaily, surveys the state of Indian architecture and suggests a blueprint for a 21st-century vernacular.

2733 Jan 2017

New year, new design: 

We usher in the new year by speaking to three incisive commentators about what 2017 holds in store for design, architecture and fashion.

27227 Dec 2016

Section D: best of 2016: 

From tips on designing a successful architecture competition to the secret life of colour. Plus: how to live in a city, sustainable design and an in-depth discussion of chair copyright law.

27120 Dec 2016

Unbuilt architecture: 

We pay homage to the buildings that never were and the grand designs that didn't make it off the drawing board.

15 Dec 2016

On Design 21: What is mafia baroque architecture?: 

After Bulgaria’s first elections were held in 1990, the free market rushed in to fill the economic vacuum left by the fall of communism. On one side there arose a new class of oligarchs and on the other, against a backdrop of economic failure, the notorious organised crime sector of 1990s Bulgaria. These newly moneyed people, many of whom were involved or connected to the construction industry, needed somewhere to live, work and play. The havoc of building that followed threw up a chaotic architectural vernacular that some call “mafia baroque”.

27013 Dec 2016

Design Miami 2016: 

In a design calendar saturated with stuffy halls and sad sandwiches, Design Miami – an offshoot of the Art Basel fair held in Miami each December – is a sunny and salubrious affair. Monocle’s New York deputy bureau chief Megan Billings reports from the show. Plus: a round-up of the best of this season’s design magazines with journalist Katie Treggiden.

8 Dec 2016

On Design 20: How has Vienna benchmarked public seating?: 

This week Monocle’s man in Vienna Alexei Korolyov tells the story of a piece of street furniture that’s become a contemporary design symbol of the Austrian capital.

2696 Dec 2016

White elephants: 

Today we’re on safari for the architectural outliers known as white elephants: those buildings built with the best of intentions that – through poor conception, spiralling costs or unforeseen circumstances – have fallen from favour and out of use. We also talk to Richard Rogers and the Riba International Prize winners Grafton Architects.

1 Dec 2016

On Design 19: How do you brand a political party?: 

Trying to articulate a political vision through visual branding is fiendishly difficult. Luckily for those design-challenged prospective parliamentarians out there, Monocle’s Andrew Mueller has a few sage words on the matter.

26829 Nov 2016

Hong Kong design survey: 

Hong Kong started out as a city that made things and later became a trading hub for buying and selling. Now it has its sights set on becoming a regional centre of creativity, innovation and design. In this episode we take a look at what progress is being made, checking in with some of the main players from across the industry and talking to representatives from both the public and private sectors. Join us for the ride.

24 Nov 2016

On Design 18: Why redesign Belgrade?: 

The Serbian capital’s street-level design is a cacophony of clashing elements but one man is waging war against this discord, vowing to bring aesthetic harmony to the city. Will he succeed?

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