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Everything you need to know about the world of design, from furniture to fashion and craft to architecture. Expect fresh stories, new finds and designers and all the latest news from the world’s most exciting studios.

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Singapore special: design in the little red dot:

This week we’re in Singapore to discover what the Lion City can teach the world about doing a lot with a little in the fields of fashion, architecture, product design and city-building.

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27 Oct 2016

On Design 14: What can Antwerp teach us about fashion?: 

From the ‘Antwerp Six’ to Demna Gvasalia, the Antwerp Fashion Academy has produced some of the best international design talent of the past 30 years. So what makes this pedagogical powerhouse so special?

26325 Oct 2016

Singapore special: design in the little red dot: 

This week we’re in Singapore to discover what the Lion City can teach the world about doing a lot with a little in the fields of fashion, architecture, product design and city-building.

20 Oct 2016

On Design 13: Who is Álvaro Siza?: 

We explore the life and career of Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza. During six decades of work Siza’s style has come to encompass the optimism of the post-Salazar years and speaks volumes about Portugal’s soft-power pull today.

26218 Oct 2016

Section D Live : 

This week we bring you a very special edition of ‘Section D’ recorded live from Midori House in London’s Marylebone. Typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann, ‘Disegno’ founder and V&A curator Johanna Agerman Ross and architecture critic Peter Murray join host Josh Fehnert to reflect on their careers, consider London’s status as a design city and mull over that age-old question: what is good design?

13 Oct 2016

On Design 12: To build or not to build?: 

Most architects influence their discipline by completing iconic projects but others, such as Superstudio, make their mark despite leaving no building behind. We meet the 1960s avant garde Italian collective that made architectural history working with utopias and not bricks.

26111 Oct 2016

Autumn’s design delights: 

We usher in Autumn with a global survey of what’s going on in the worlds of design and architecture.

6 Oct 2016

On Design 11: Why have architecture competitions?: 

Many of the world’s most important buildings are the result of architecture competitions. But those same events are often politically fraught – and critics say they’re a waste architects’ time and energy. So is the competition really the best mechanism for commissioning building designs?

2604 Oct 2016

Against the grain: 

Wood may be one of the oldest design materials but it’s still being used creative by designers and architects today. We find out how.

29 Sep 2016

On Design 10: What did the German architect say to the Turkish one? : 

This week our Istanbul bureau chief delves into the long-standing (if at times strained) relationship between Germany and Turkey. We see how some Turkish homes still bear the mark of visiting German guest workers and learn what this says about the two countries today.

25927 Sep 2016

London Design Festival: The highlights: 

Britain may have opted to leave Europe this summer but there’s a global feel to the London Design Festival. We drop into a few choice exhibitions from the 400 or so events that unfolded here last week, speak to designer Marcel Wanders and find out why architect Asif Khan and gardener John Tebbs are going green.

22 Sep 2016

On Design 9: How do you run a heritage brand?: 

This week Monocle’s Jamie Waters explains how Australian bootmaker RM Williams has evolved from its humble beginnings to influence the world of high fashion while keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

25820 Sep 2016

Oslo, Design City: Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: 

As one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, Oslo is uniquely suited to hosting one of this year’s biggest architecture events. We speak to the curators and director behind Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 and get analysis from journalist James Taylor-Foster. Plus, a hospitality design report from Singapore.

15 Sep 2016

On Design 8: Who is Kengo Kuma?: 

This week Monocle’s Tokyo bureau chief Fiona Wilson takes us through the life and work of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who through his buildings and writings has reinterpreted traditional Japanese architecture for the 21st century. We explore the career of the man charged with the construction of the hotly contested Olympic Stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

25713 Sep 2016

Oslo, Design City: Part 1: 

Today we bring you the first instalment in a two-part series on Oslo. Monocle’s Henry Rees-Sheridan talks to some of the city’s brightest design minds to learn more about where it’s come from and where it’s heading.

8 Sep 2016

On Design 7: What happened to Buffalo, New York?: 

In today’s episode we turn our attention to the city of Buffalo, New York. Once a powerhouse of trade and commerce, Buffalo’s architectural importance well outweighs its renown. Monocle’s Josh Fehnert takes us on a tour of the rust-belt city that’s finally regaining its shine.

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