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Weekly cultural nourishment with Monocle 24’s international critics in the fields of art, music, theatre, literature, film and television. Enjoy conversations with the directors, artists, authors and musicians and minds behind it all.

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From a 'Labour of Love' to 'The Exorcist':

Matt Alagiah sits down with theatre critic Matt Wolf and book reviewer John Mitchinson. Plus we speak to Sean Mathias who is directing the stage version of ‘The Exorcist’ and find out the top five songs in Switzerland.

Latest episodes

15 Oct 2017

Sunday Brunch 10: Created Out of Mind: 

We meet the man behind a project giving people with dementia a voice. Plus: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood on mastering coffee, Christopher Lord on the Midori House Mixtape and the famous Joe Allen’s new location.

54313 Oct 2017
45 min

From a 'Labour of Love' to 'The Exorcist': 

Matt Alagiah sits down with theatre critic Matt Wolf and book reviewer John Mitchinson. Plus we speak to Sean Mathias who is directing the stage version of ‘The Exorcist’ and find out the top five songs in Switzerland.

8 Oct 2017

Sunday Brunch 9: Surrealist partnerships: 

We discuss the surprising partnership between Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp and Clemency Burton-Hill tells us why we should all love classical music. Plus: we discover kefir, part of the Russian health-food revolution, and Sebastian Borger reviews the weekend papers.

5426 Oct 2017
45 min

Musical licks: 

Monocle Culture editor Robert Bound is joined in the studio by Will Hodgkinson, chief rock and pop critic for ‘The Times’, and DJ and broadcaster Georgie Rogers to discuss this month’s album releases. Plus: restaurant critic Jay Rayner on his career sidestep into music and the Southbank Centre’s Ted Hodgkinson on its upcoming literature festival.

1 Oct 2017

Sunday Brunch 8: The oldest literary festival in the world: 

We preview Cheltenham Literature Festival, the oldest literary festival in the world. Meanwhile, Henry Rees-Sheridan says the long goodbye on the Midori House Mixtape. Plus: Maja Lunde wants to save the bees on our Weekend Read, we cook Japanese food the easy way and journalist Terry Stiastny on the weekend papers.

54129 Sep 2017
40 min

The small and the silver screen: 

Film critic Jason Solomons and TV editor for ‘London Live’ Toby Earle join Ben Rylan to discuss this month’s big and small-screen entertainment. Plus: we meet the UK singer who has adopted the French chanson style of music.

24 Sep 2017

Sunday Brunch 7: ‘A Poem For Every Day of the Year’: 

Sprinkle some poetry throughout your life as former film and television star Allie Esiri talks us through her latest collection. Plus: Monocle 24’s Holly Fisher on why the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play an important role in her life and Marie Billon with the French perspective on the German elections.

54022 Sep 2017
45 min

Basquiat at the Barbican: 

As the Barbican’s much-anticipated ‘Basquiat: Boom For Real’ exhibition opens its doors we discuss the life and work of the prodigious artist. Plus: we attend a funeral for the ‘Cassini’ space probe and find out how to put cinema on the silver screen.

17 Sep 2017

Sunday Brunch 6: From Russia with love: 

We learn all about Russian Film Week and follow our noses to Pitti Fragranze; we also find out all about life in rural Transylvania with author Mike Ormsby, while Bill Leuty plays us Richard Dawson on the Midori House Mixtape. Plus, Phil Clark with the weekend papers.

53915 Sep 2017
41 min

Robert Forster, this month’s books and Argentina’s new music tour: 

Matt Alagiah is joined by writer Mark Mason and online editor for 'The Bookseller' Sarah Shaffi to discuss this month's book releases. Plus: we head to Buenos Aires to learn about cumbia music and Go-Betweens band member Robert Forster tells us about his new book ‘Grant & I’.

10 Sep 2017

Sunday Brunch 5: Capital entertainment: 

We hear all about the new award-winning play ‘Oslo’ that’s coming to the National Theatre, Stanley Trollip tells us about his latest novel and Georgina Godwin tells us about the time she met Abba on the Midori House Mixtape. Plus: Terry Stiastny with a stack of weekend broadsheets.

5388 Sep 2017
43 min

From Taylor Swift to Sarajevo: 

In the studio this week are Will Hodgkinson, chief rock and pop critic for ‘The Times’, and Alice Vincent, arts and entertainment writer for ‘The Telegraph’. They talk music and television with Monocle’s Tom Edwards. Plus: South Korean music, Sarajevo’s art scene and the charts in China.

3 Sep 2017

Sunday Brunch 4: What is Cascara?: 

We look at the news that North Korea has successfully tested a a nuclear weapon. We learn about the drink that’s making coffee more sustainable, Tot Taylor tells us about his latest novel and Melkon Charchoglyan talks alternative jazz in the Midori House Mixtape. Plus: Marie Billon on this weekend’s papers.

5371 Sep 2017
45 min

September on the silver screen, Amsterdam’s arts and the colourful life of Molly Parkin: 

Ben Rylan is joined by film critics Karen Krizanovich and Anna Smith in the studio to see what’s on at the cinema this week. We also head to Amsterdam for Uitmarkt Festival, meet the artist Molly Parkin ahead of her new exhibition and for this week’s global countdown we jump into a German time machine.

27 Aug 2017
57 min

Sunday Brunch 3: Tastes of Ghana: 

We find out what makes a Ghanaian brunch, speak to the people behind the Migrate photography exhibition in London, and Tom Hall plays us ‘Automatic Midnight’ in the Midori House mixtape. Plus: the journalist and author Matthew Green goes through a stack of broadsheets from around the world.








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