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Weekly cultural nourishment with Monocle 24’s international critics in the fields of art, music, theatre, literature, film and television. Enjoy conversations with the directors, artists, authors and musicians and minds behind it all.

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The grand finale:

In the last ever episode of the ‘Monocle Arts Review’, Robert Bound is joined by writer Lucy Jones and Toby Earle, TV editor for ‘The Evening Standard’ and London Live, to discuss some of the latest films and series to hit streaming services. Plus we meet multi-Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones.

Latest episodes

15 Jul 2018

Sunday Brunch: The one-handed musical trust: 

We meet the man helping physically disabled people play musical instruments. Plus: Renaissance insults, Nelson Mandela’s favourite food and the weekend papers.

8 Jul 2018

Sunday Brunch: 133 Dambusters: 

We discuss the 133 Dambusters and meet creative director Tom Hingston. Plus: the Curious Arts Festival, weekend papers and cocktails with a view.

1 Jul 2018

Sunday Brunch: Pop art: 

We discuss pop art with an artist and a gallerist, and look at the life of Dorothea Lange. Plus: feminist saints, weekend papers and Korean food.

24 Jun 2018

Sunday Brunch: Sculpture in the City: 

Via London’s annual public-art programme, we look at how art affects your mental health. Plus: Hector Macdonald on truth, an exhibition on teeth and Michael Carr on Restaurant 92.

17 Jun 2018

Sunday Brunch: Postwar art: 

We discuss how conflict can change and affect artwork, and profile the life of Frida Kahlo. Plus: MP Jo Swinson, the weekend papers and chef Martha Ortiz.

10 Jun 2018

Sunday Brunch: The Future Starts Here: 

We discuss how the world is changing and meet the owners of a new London gallery. Plus: the history of factories, Bengali cuisine and weekend papers.

3 Jun 2018

Sunday Brunch: the Windrush generation: 

We discuss the lives of the Windrush generation and talk bespoke album artwork. Plus: meet the minds behind Remote Contact, Poet in the City and the American Bar.

27 May 2018

Sunday Brunch: Big art: 

We discuss the appeal and power of large-scale art. Plus: artist Tom Hammick, the differences between UK and US English and chef Mini Patel on the return of the British café.

20 May 2018
57 min

Sunday Brunch: ‘Effigies of Wickedness’: 

We look at a play bringing back cabaret banned by the Nazis and discuss a visual opera coming to London. Plus: James MacManus on the affair between General Eisenhower and his driver in the Second World War and we discuss the Palme d’Or.

13 May 2018

Sunday Brunch: A worldwide cultural sample: 

We take a trip around the world as we hear about a cultural festival in Palestine, recap last night’s Eurovision and head to Cannes. Plus: we preview some upcoming Apsley Lates and learn how to train our brains.

6 May 2018

Sunday Brunch: The art of diplomacy: 

We discuss how artwork can impact and influence diplomacy. Plus: how cities are adapting to our changing workplaces, how reading helped one person tackle anorexia and the evolution of the gastropub.

29 Apr 2018

Sunday Brunch: Online auctioneering: 

As the art market moves increasingly online we discuss whether traditional auction houses are a dying breed. Plus: we visit London’s most infamous recording studio, check the shortlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction and try easy vegan cooking.

22 Apr 2018
60 min

Sunday Brunch: Artistic anonymity: 

We speak to Steve Lazarides – a colleague of Banksy for more than a decade – who tells us how artists can reinvent a genre and remain hidden in the process. Plus: sound art with Tamar Harpaz, Claire Cock-Starkey’s library secrets and chef Prateek Sadhu.

15 Apr 2018

Sunday Brunch: The art of change: 

We look at whether art can encourage social change, explore why we immortalise musicians and speak with LA-based forward-thinking musician E Ruscha V about his album ‘Who Are You’. Plus: Jane Robinson on the women’s march of 1913, some Japanese grilling and Kevin Craig with the weekend papers.

8 Apr 2018

Sunday Brunch: Art of the heart and mind: 

Get under the skin of art as we look at artists’ personalities, get a glimpse into Picasso’s personal life and reflect on the heart through art. Plus: we preview EstLitFest and try some Indian cuisine.








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