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Hear our take on the news and enjoy sharp reporting on the big stories every weekday. Tune in as our guest panel reviews the day’s events in Europe, follows developing stories in the Americas and welcomes early risers in Asia and Australasia. Plus: reports and analysis from Monocle’s correspondents and bureaux around the world. Nominated for ‘Best Daily Podcast’ in the 2022 British Podcast Awards.

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Could Western troops fight in Ukraine?:

As Emmanuel Macron says that Western troops could fight in Ukraine, our guests Tessa Szyszkowitz and William Patey assess whether France is trying to become Europe’s military leader. Then: the Taliban releases an Austrian far-right extremist in a deal mediated by Qatar and we speak with Yaroslav Trofimov about his new book ‘Our Enemies Will Vanish’.

Latest episodes

270927 Feb 2024
35 min

Could Western troops fight in Ukraine? 

As Emmanuel Macron says that Western troops could fight in Ukraine, our guests Tessa Szyszkowitz and William Patey assess whether France is trying to become Europe’s military leader. Then: the Taliban releases an Austrian far-right extremist in a deal mediated by Qatar and we speak with Yaroslav Trofimov about his new book ‘Our Enemies Will Vanish’.

270826 Feb 2024
37 min

Protests, CPAC and the return of cash 

Terry Stiastny and Ben Kelly discuss the role of protests during a conflict, whether Ireland could ever join Nato, short-haul flights and whether cash is becoming king for a new generation. Plus: A look back at the weekend that was at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the US. 

270723 Feb 2024
37 min

Two years since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 

We speak to Monocle’s US editor, Chris Lord, about political threats in the US and UK, and Julia Lasica about the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Plus: a letter from Kyiv and an interview with a Japanese violinist playing Norway’s traditional fiddle.

270622 Feb 2024
35 min

Live from Warsaw 

Monocle Radio broadcasts live from our inaugural party in Warsaw, with guests and Monocle contributors exploring what makes the Polish capital tick – and why Poland should be on everyone’s radar.

270521 Feb 2024
39 min

The US role in Gaza and London’s thinnest hotel 

Julie Norman and Charles Hecker explore whether the US and UN have any real influence over the war in Gaza and why the US still needs to make a point about Julian Assange. Then: we discuss whether the Conservative Political Action Conference is still important and why London will soon get its thinnest hotel. Plus: an interview with Austrian General Robert Brieger.

270420 Feb 2024
43 min

Gaza aid, forgotten crises and Haiti’s indictments 

Our guests Nadine Batchelor-Hunt and Mark Lowcock discuss the trouble of getting aid into Gaza and the forgotten crises of Sudan and Tigray, Ethiopia. Then: a study on the differences between men’s and women’s brains. Plus: we hear from Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and get the latest on the 50 people implicated in a former Haitian leader’s assassination.

270319 Feb 2024
40 min

Ukraine’s way forward after Munich 

Daniella Peled and Bill Hayton discuss Ukraine’s way forward, Israel’s deadline for a Rafah ground offensive, China’s law-enforcement deal with Hungary and Donald Trump’s shoe brand. Plus: On This Day looks at the world’s shortest-ever presidency.

270216 Feb 2024
51 min

World leaders react to the death of Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny 

We speak to the prime ministers of Greece and Lithuania about the death of activist and Putin critic Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison. Plus: the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, global leaders gather in Dubai and the renaissance of Swedish pop powerhouse Roxette in Brazil. 

270115 Feb 2024
47 min

US warnings over Russia’s nuclear advances and Japan’s slip into recession 

Christopher Cermak is joined by political commentator Carole Walker and Asia defence expert Alessio Patalano to discuss US warnings that Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon. Plus: Andrew Mueller checks in from Germany ahead of the Munich Security Conference.

270014 Feb 2024
33 min

Former general leads Indonesia’s presidential race and the dating app that requires a high credit score 

Justin Trudeau discusses the possibility of ceasefire in Gaza with King Abdullah II of Jordan, a former general leads Indonesia’s presidential race, why China recognises the Taliban’s envoy to Beijing, and North Korea hacks emails of an aide to South Korea’s president. Plus: the dating app that can only be joined by those with a credit score of 675 or above.

269913 Feb 2024
39 min

US Senate passes Ukraine aid bill and France accuses Russia of disinformation campaign 

Monocle’s US editor, Christopher Lord, on the Senate’s approval of a long-delayed $95bn (€88bn) aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Plus: France uncovers a Russian disinformation campaign in Europe, the Super Bowl breaks TV records and a special interview with historian Tripurdaman Singh about his new book, ‘Sixteen Stormy Days’

269812 Feb 2024
36 min

Biden-Netanyahu relations sour and Germany fears a far-right takeover of the judiciary 

Joe Biden disparages Benjamin Netanyahu in private but hasn’t changed US policy towards Israel; Germany looks to prevent far-right takeover of the judiciary; Poland’s prime minister, Donald Tusk, heads to France and Germany to strengthen alliance as fears grow over Russia and Trump; and why a Waymo robotaxi was attacked and set on fire in San Francisco. Plus: Elizabeth Braw on her new book, ‘Goodbye Globalization: The Return of a Divided World’.

26979 Feb 2024
44 min

Rio de Janeiro braces for Carnival 

We start in Ukraine to hear how the country has reacted to an interview with Vladimir Putin before turning our focus to urbanism with Monocle’s design editor, Nic Monisse and heading to Brazil as it prepares for Carnival. Plus: a look at the Sanremo Music Festival and the anniversary of The Beatles arriving in the US. 

26968 Feb 2024
36 min

China’s consumer prices fall and Australia introduces new laws for workers 

China’s consumer prices suffer their biggest fall since 2009, Pakistan suspends mobile services on voting day, Russia blocks remaining anti-Putin campaigner Boris Nadezhdin from the country’s elections and Australia allows workers the right to ignore calls from bosses outside of work hours. Plus: Christopher Lord sends a letter from Los Angeles.

26957 Feb 2024
34 min

What will come out in Putin’s interview? 

As US conservative media figure Tucker Carlson touches down in Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin, our guests, Marta Lorimer and Sean Ryan, discuss how this will play out with Republicans back home. Then: Germany urges Hungary to allow Sweden into Nato, a new conservative movement in the UK and why French lovers are in trouble. Plus: ‘On This Day’ in 1986, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier went into exile.



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