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Hear our take on the news and enjoy sharp reporting on the big stories every weekday. Tune in as our guest panel reviews the day’s events in Europe, follows developing stories in the Americas and welcomes early risers in Asia and Australasia. Plus: reports and analysis from Monocle’s correspondents and bureaux around the world. Nominated for ‘Best Daily Podcast’ in the 2022 British Podcast Awards.

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Russian attacks destroy Kyiv’s largest power plant:

Power shortages hit Ukraine after Russian attacks, the Ukrainian World Congress Summit commences in Bucharest, the heatwave in Paris that could bring the Olympics to a standstill, highlights from the Watches and Wonders trade fair in Geneva and the final day of the Delphi Economic Forum.

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274312 Apr 2024
42 min

Russian attacks destroy Kyiv’s largest power plant 

Power shortages hit Ukraine after Russian attacks, the Ukrainian World Congress Summit commences in Bucharest, the heatwave in Paris that could bring the Olympics to a standstill, highlights from the Watches and Wonders trade fair in Geneva and the final day of the Delphi Economic Forum.

274211 Apr 2024
35 min

Trudeau claims China unsuccessfully meddled in Canada’s elections 

According to Justin Trudeau, China has meddled in Canada’s past two elections; after an eight-year deadlock the EU passes an asylum and migration pact; a Japanese astronaut is set to be first non-American to walk on the Moon and Italy finally launches its long-awaited digital nomad visa. Plus: we receive a letter from Milan.

274110 Apr 2024
39 min

Japan’s Fumio Kishida warns world at ‘historic turning point’ 

Joe Biden welcomes Japan’s prime minister, Fumio Kishida, as a “global partner” at a White House summit, the Arizona Supreme Court upends Donald Trump’s gambit on abortion, UK ministers consider banning sale of smartphones to under-16s and a German gallery fires employee for hanging their own art in exhibition. Plus: ‘Saveur’ magazine is back in business.

27409 Apr 2024
36 min

ECHR rules that Switzerland’s climate failures breached human rights 

Iran looks to respond to Israel’s attack on its Damascus consulate, the ECHR condemns Switzerland for climate inaction in the first ruling of its kind, how cholera disinformation led to the Mozambique ferry disaster and why Putin miscalculated his threat about Finland’s border. Plus: Bollywood’s influence on India’s elections.

27398 Apr 2024
35 min

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, arrives in China 

Sergey Lavrov is in China to discuss Ukraine and Asia-Pacific relations. Meanwhile, the International Court of Justice hears a case accusing Germany of facilitating genocide in Gaza through its support of Israel. Plus: tensions between India and Pakistan over basmati rice, how war has changed life in Ukraine’s Swedish-speaking village and Dwayne Johnson rescinds his endorsement of Joe Biden.

27385 Apr 2024
37 min

A look ahead to South Africa’s elections and a total solar eclipse 

Monocle’s Emma Searle discusses South Africa’s parliamentary election next month and how significant it is among the roster of global polls in 2024. Then: Tom Webb and Fernando Augusto Pacheco talk artificial intelligence, robotaxis in San Francisco and juice conspiracies. Plus: we report from Niagara Falls as it braces for a once-in-a-century total solar eclipse.

27374 Apr 2024
35 min

Nato’s past and present 

Daniella Peled and Ali Borhani discuss Nato at 75 and how its mission has changed. We also explore Israel’s alleged use of artificial intelligence in warfare, Kuwait’s unheralded elections and why Bavarian police are doing without trousers. Plus: a letter from Washington during cherry-blossom season.

27363 Apr 2024
37 min

World Central Kitchen and the humanitarian aid imperative 

Mark Lowcock and Caroline Frost discuss Israel’s strike on World Central Kitchen and the risky work of humanitarian organisations. We also explore whether Ukraine will get enough funding to hold the frontline, why Botswana’s threat to send Germany 20,000 elephants is nothing to laugh about, and why the moon is about to get its own time zone. Plus: The death of Jesse James on this day in 1882.

27352 Apr 2024
34 min

Israel’s take on foreign media and Swiss councillors give up ski passes 

Nina dos Santos and Jonathan Fenby discuss Israel’s new “Al-Jazeera law”, whether China’s influence extends to rail and why Swiss federal councillors have given up their biggest job perk. Plus: we preview Slovakia’s presidential election run-off. 

27341 Apr 2024
44 min

Monday 1 April 

Simon Brooke and Lynne O’Donell discuss all the day’s big stories. Plus: we meet Ukrainian film director Ivan Sautkin, director of documentary film, ‘A Poem for Little People’.




273329 Mar 2024
45 min

The built environment, from Turkey to sports stadiums 

Monocle’s Istanbul correspondent, Hannah Lucinda Smith, joins our in-house show to discuss Turkey’s municipal elections and the built environment under president Erdogan. Plus: the role of stadiums in cities and we check in with The Chiefs conference in Hong Kong.

273228 Mar 2024
38 min

Russia blames everyone but its intelligence services 

Our panellists discuss Russia’s embarrassing intelligence failures and why it’s cracking down on gay nightclubs. Plus: the UK’s record migration levels, Donald Trump’s Bible copies and the role of religion in politics. Plus: saving the dachshund and a letter from the French Alps.

273127 Mar 2024
40 min

From Afghanistan to Moscow’s Crocus City Hall 

Our panellists, Kate Clark and Vincent McAviney, explore whether Afghanistan is in danger or re-emerging as a hub of global terrorism, why the UK’s veterans’ affairs minister could face jail time, whether the great olive-oil strike of Frankfurt’s European Central Bank is justified and why moonshine is making a return. Plus: musician John Miller is live in the studio.

273026 Mar 2024
40 min

Is accusing Israel of genocide useful? 

Our panellists discuss whether the UN is right to accuse Israel of genocide, whether Julian Assange’s extradition should be blocked over the US death penalty, whether NBC should have hired Ronna McDaniel and why Vienna’s horse-drawn carriages could get a new lease on life. Plus: Michael Kimmage on his book, ‘Collisions’, about the war in Ukraine.

272925 Mar 2024
35 min

The UN Security Council demands a ceasefire in Gaza and the Yemen Listening Project 

Terry Stiastny and Stephen Dalziel discuss the Russia attack, the UN Security Council’s call for a ceasefire in Gaza and why Kamala Harris probably wishes that she had learned Spanish. Plus: Nina dos Santos on the UK’s allegations of Chinese spying and the Yemen Listening Project.



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