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Essential listening for anyone who cares about what they read – and how they read it. The Stack is Monocle’s take on the world of print, focusing on everything from the glossiest fashion title to the grittiest newspaper.

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Frankfurt Book Fair special:

On this special edition of ‘The Stack’ recorded at the Frankfurt Book Fair we speak to Christoph Amend, editor in chief of ‘Zeit Magazin’, and Urs Spindler from independent magazine festival Indiecon.

Latest episodes

21722 Oct 2016

Frankfurt Book Fair special: 

On this special edition of ‘The Stack’ recorded at the Frankfurt Book Fair we speak to Christoph Amend, editor in chief of ‘Zeit Magazin’, and Urs Spindler from independent magazine festival Indiecon.

21615 Oct 2016

Dogs, Fantastic Man, and Montevideo: 

We meet the editor of newly released ‘Dog’ magazine and review the latest issue of ‘Fantastic Man’ with editor Gert Jonkers

2158 Oct 2016

Hungry for print?: 

We welcome David Lane from ‘The Gourmand’ magazine and speak to Carine Nevejans from Distripress, which had its annual gathering of publishers and distributors in Dubai this week.

2141 Oct 2016

Autumn review : 

We welcome Rob Orchard, editor of ‘Delayed Gratification’, and interview Steven Gregor, editor of ‘Gym Class Magazine’.

21324 Sep 2016

Eye on design: 

We welcome Simon Esterson, art director of ‘Eye’ magazine, and speak with the editor of new men’s title ‘Zeitmagazin Mann’ from the publishers of ‘Die Zeit’.

21217 Sep 2016

Gentle Rain: 

How do you inspire the fine folk of your city to dive into the printed page? We flick through Hamburg’s new magazine ‘Gentle Rain’, published by Die Brueder. Plus: we talk to MagCulture’s Jeremy Leslie and preview the Brooklyn Book Festival.

21110 Sep 2016

So long summer: 

We take you on a publishing tour from Hamburg to New York as we chat to some independent magazine makers at this year’s Indiecon. Plus: Nadia Saccardo, co-founder of ‘Pallet’ magazine, tells us why beer runs through the veins of her publication.

2103 Sep 2016

Running the numbers: 

Consumer confidence is a delicate thing but how does it affect the world of print media? From fears of a Brexit hangover to the changing relationship between ad agencies and publishers, Tyler Brûlé runs the industry numbers with Alex Wisch from Bloomberg Intelligence.

20927 Aug 2016

The role of the bureau: 

As the news market evolves some publishers are seeing greener pastures beyond the geography of their traditional readership. Tyler Brûlé discusses the role of the bureau with ‘The New York Times’ London chief Steven Erlanger. Plus: editor Matthias Brügelmann previews a new newspaper from ‘Bild’ that is dedicated entirely to football.

20820 Aug 2016

Do we still buy the news?: 

Some say we’re in a post-fact age – but what does that mean for journalism? Along with John Owen, chairman of the Frontline Club, and Juan Señor from Innovation Media Consulting, a firm helping media organisations transition to the digital age, Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé looks at how news publishers can improve their business models.

20713 Aug 2016

Sporting success: 

With Rio in full Olympics mode, we take some time out with sportswriter Mihir Bose to discuss how to produce the perfect sporting title. And as the new issue of movie magazine ‘Little White Lies’ hits newsstands, we take a peek inside the western-themed edition with editor David Jenkins.

2066 Aug 2016

Sweden and the screen: 

From the cool and crisp landscapes of Sweden to the dark cinemas of Asia, evoking a sense of place on the page is a delicate art. We talk to the editors of two magazines doing just that: Liz Schaffer from travel title ‘Lodestars Anthology’ and Davide Cazzaro, the man behind ‘Nang’ magazine.

20530 Jul 2016

‘Popeye’ turns 40: 

Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé joins creative director Richard Spencer Powell and Winkreative’s senior strategist Adam Thompson to browse through the pages of the special 40th-anniversary edition of ‘Popeye’ magazine.

20423 Jul 2016

Positive thinking: 

We meet the editor of ‘Positive’ magazine Giacomo Cosua, hear from Monocle correspondent Tom Burges Watson on the new kiosks in Paris and speak to Angharad Lewis, author of a new book on how to publish a magazine.

20316 Jul 2016

A magazine about magazines: 

On this week’s episode of ‘The Stack’ we sit down with Steven Gregor, editor of ‘Gym Class’ – a magazine about magazines. Plus: a Belgian publication dedicated to raising the country’s spirits after recent difficult times.

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