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Essential listening for anyone who cares about what they read – and how they read it. The Stack is Monocle’s take on the world of print, focusing on everything from the glossiest fashion title to the grittiest newspaper.

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Culture pages:

We discuss the culture page in print with Monocle’s Culture editor Robert Bound and Michelle Legro, Culture editor at ‘New Republic’.

Latest episodes

23021 Jan 2017

Culture pages: 

We discuss the culture page in print with Monocle’s Culture editor Robert Bound and Michelle Legro, Culture editor at ‘New Republic’.

22914 Jan 2017

The Trump-Russia report: 

When a report filled with unsubstantiated allegations of Donald Trump’s relationship with the Russian government began circulating throughout various media outlets, newspapers declined to publish the material – but online publications had no such qualms. We assess the ethics. Plus: the UK’s ‘Radio Times’ is snapped up by a German media company and the designers behind the MinaLima brand discuss the firm’s work.

2287 Jan 2017

News magazines and fashion titles: 

Can news magazines survive 2017? And is starting a media venture in today’s climate a crazy idea? We ask Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé. Plus: The New York Times vanishes in China and the key menswear titles of the season.

22731 Dec 2016

Best of The Stack: 

We pick the best of The Stack of 2016 - new titles, the most important fairs and why the magazine world remain buoyant

22624 Dec 2016

2016 picks: 

Year in review, the best titles and trends in the magazine world in 2016.

22517 Dec 2016

Booked up: 

We meet Libreria’s Paddy Butler and cast an eye toward Thailand’s publishing industry and its reaction to the death of King Bhumibol.

22410 Dec 2016

Real page-turner: 

Cultural commentator Peter York reviews his favourite magazine titles and we head to Guadalajara for the world’s second-largest book fair.

2233 Dec 2016

Live at the Monocle Christmas Market: 

A special one-hour edition broadcasting live from the Monocle Christmas Market with Tyler Brûlé and Emma Nelson. Author and former newspaper editor Jonathan Fenby discusses the state of the newspaper industry in 2016 and Stack Magazines’ Steve Watson looks back at the year’s standout titles. Plus: our guide to the best Christmas gifts for lovers of print.

22226 Nov 2016

A racquet of one’s own: 

We speak to the editor and publisher of ‘Racquet Magazine’, a brand-new publication about tennis. Plus: a review of the latest titles to hit newsstands with Fernando Augusto Pacheco.

22119 Nov 2016

Canada calling: 

We talk Canada with Liz Schaffer from ‘Lodestars Anthology’ magazine and look back at both ‘The Face’ magazine and The Stack Awards.

22012 Nov 2016

Newspapers in the age of Trump: 

‘American Psycho’ is how the French newspaper ‘Libération’ greeted its readers the morning after Donald Trump’s shock election win in the US. But what role did the print press play in his rise? Tyler Brûlé, Andrew Tuck and Tom Edwards unpick this extraordinary week in world media.

2195 Nov 2016

An eye for redesign: 

On this week’s episode of ‘The Stack’ we look into redesigning a magazine or newspaper with leading graphic designer Mark Porter and Gail Bichler from ‘The New York Times Magazine’.

21829 Oct 2016

The Modern Magazine Conference: 

We bring you a special episode of ‘The Stack’ from this year’s edition of the Modern Magazine Conference, featuring Tony Rushton from ‘Private Eye’ and the editors of ‘The Happy Reader’, ‘MacGuffin’ and ‘Empire’.

21722 Oct 2016

Frankfurt Book Fair special: 

On this special edition of ‘The Stack’ recorded at the Frankfurt Book Fair we speak to Christoph Amend, editor in chief of ‘Zeit Magazin’, and Urs Spindler from independent magazine festival Indiecon.

21615 Oct 2016

Dogs, Fantastic Man, and Montevideo: 

We meet the editor of newly released ‘Dog’ magazine and review the latest issue of ‘Fantastic Man’ with editor Gert Jonkers

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