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With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments. Nominee in the Smartest Podcast category of the 2019 British Podcast awards.

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Tall Stories 398: Eagle Pass, Texas:

HJ Mai visits Eagle Pass to find out how the city has become the centre of the American border crisis, and how residents are dealing with the national spotlight.

Latest episodes

4 Mar 2024
7 min

Tall Stories 398: Eagle Pass, Texas 

HJ Mai visits Eagle Pass to find out how the city has become the centre of the American border crisis, and how residents are dealing with the national spotlight.

64629 Feb 2024
31 min

Canada Water and Helsinki Innovation Districts 

We explore two projects redefining urban areas, from a mega-development in an often overlooked area of London to a collection of groundbreaking projects in the suburbs of Helsinki.

26 Feb 2024
7 min

Tall Stories 397: Tin Pan Alley, New York 

Paul Logothetis visits a tiny stretch of one street in New York, which is celebrated for its place in American music history.

64522 Feb 2024
29 min

Los Angeles’s urban challenges 

We discuss some of the major urban challenges that face Los Angeles. We explore how the city administration and community are helping to overcome issues from extreme heat and drought to homelessness, affordable housing and, of course, traffic. 

19 Feb 2024
5 min

Tall Stories 396: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore 

Jessica Bridger takes us to an urban oasis in Singapore.

64415 Feb 2024
29 min

How can art help us experience cities differently? 

We look at the power of arts in our urban environment, from a lights festival in Singapore that connects people with the city-state’s public spaces, to a former train yard in Lausanne that has been transformed into a new arts neighbourhood. Plus: art fairs using neglected buildings and the role of temporary installations.

12 Feb 2024
8 min

Tall Stories 395: Lincoln Yards, Chicago 

Cornelius McGrath looks at what is next for a stumbling development on the banks of the Chicago river, reminiscent of New York’s famous Hudson Yards.

6438 Feb 2024
30 min

Going underground 

We look to the urban spaces below our feet, exploring the tunnels, passageways and even catacombs that exist under the buildings and roadways of our cities.

5 Feb 2024
4 min

Tall Stories 394: Israels Plads, Copenhagen 

David Stevens assesses the intentions behind one of Copenhagen’s most innovative public square redesigns, 10 years on.

6421 Feb 2024
29 min

Sporting development 

How can sports facilities drive social and economic change in our cities? This week, we look at how the humble basketball court can act as a community hub, hear about Las Vegas’s plan to become a sporting centre and explore how stadium design is becoming more inclusive.

29 Jan 2024
10 min

Tall Stories 393: St Mark’s clock tower, Venice 

Sarah Grice explores the history of one of St Mark’s Square’s most intriguing adornments.

64125 Jan 2024
32 min

Transit safety and bringing urbanism to the public 

How are transit operators working to ensure rider safety when using public transport? We are in Canada to find out. Plus: an architecture film festival in Helsinki and a public debate on the lessons that our terrestrial cities can learn from space colonies.

22 Jan 2024
6 min

Tall Stories 392: St Anne’s Anglican Church, Toronto 

Mandy Sinclair explores the story behind the unique architecture and famed interiors of a Toronto church, and finds out what this building means to its neighbourhood.

64018 Jan 2024
35 min

World Economic Forum: cities special 

With more than 80 per cent of global GDP generated in cities, urban leaders need to be involved in conversations to ensure a more sustainable, resilient future. Monocle’s Carlota Rebelo reports from this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos to find out why cities are increasingly on the frontline of global challenges.

15 Jan 2024
7 min

Tall Stories 391: Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, Osaka 

Tomás Pinheiro discusses the legacy of Asia’s first world’s fair and what lies ahead for Osaka Expo 2025.



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