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Atelier slippers


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UK SIzing

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Hender Scheme’s design signature consists of rethinking materials so that they can be elevated in surprising ways. For this version of a minimalist slider, an exclusive for Monocle, it’s opted for soft suede and leather – both of which will adapt to any foot for a snug fit, and will only improve with age. You’re in reliable hands with Italy’s famed Vibram soles: these robust numbers will see you through any jaunts on and off the beach-side promenade.

UK/cm sizing information:
5.5/6 / 24.0-24.5cm.
6.5/7 / 25.0-25.5cm.
7.5/8 / 26.0-26.5cm.
8.5/9 / 27.0-27.5cm.
9.5/10 / 28.0-28.5cm.
10.5/11 / 29.0-29.5cm.

Details & care

Colours: Olive and brown.
Material: Leather, suede, Vibram.
Made in: Japan.
Sizes: 5.5/6 -10.5/11.

Delivery & returns

International delivery via UPS.

You may return or exchange within 30 days. To learn more please visit our FAQs.


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