The Danish capital likes to think of itself as the bridge between Scandinavia and continental Europe. It is a city rich in cultural opportunities that welcomes visitors with its great food. Best of all, it's ridiculously easy to enjoy all of its charms: Copenhagen is compact and everyone speaks impeccable English.

Need to know

Get to grips with the basics

  1. The Danes are known as the easier going, more fun-loving natives of Scandinavia but behind that convivial façade they are also wily businesspeople.
  2. The Danes tend to say what they mean and cut to the chase. For example, if they want to know how much you earn they’ll most likely ask.
  3. Danes learn English from the age of eight and so are generally extremely fluent.
  4. Flying visit? Kastrup airport has excellent meeting facilities or take the metro and train links to the city from within the terminals.
  5. Danes aren’t big on formality. They much prefer 'hygge': the typically Danish spirit of social conviviality that eschews divisive conversation.

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