Culture with Rob Bound, 175

Monday 16 February

We meet the editors and designers responsible for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Oscar nominations, in Toronto we see a play that's been an unlikely hit, and hear from a centre in Portland hoping to boost the city’s arts scene…


Culture / Media

Hard truths

Monday 16 February

US journalism lost two of its brightest talents last week amid a testing time for the industry. With more familiar faces soon set to leave the screen, Monocle’s Ed Stocker asks where the news might be headed next.

It’s been a tumultuous few days for American news. Even by the industry's big, bold and often brash standards it has been rough and in the cutthroat 24-hour news business, networks and individuals are sniffing blood.


The Stack, 129

Saturday 14 February

In an erotica-themed special edition of The Stack, Monocle creative director Rich Spencer Powell and 'It’s Nice That'’s Liv Siddall peruse the racier side of the racks. Plus, we hear from feminist journal 'Hysteria' and…


Culture / Entertainment

Weekend Agenda

Friday 13 February

This week’s cultural picks from Midori House range from top Australian film talent to an innovative take on floral photography – plus a look back at one of the 20th century’s literary greats, William Burroughs.

Culture / Technology

Free thinkers

Thursday 12 February

A new book about the cultural and commercial viability of the internet has struck a chord with Monocle editor Andrew Tuck, who says that the online journalism free-for-all comes with its own hidden price.

Last Sunday on The Monocle Weekly, me and Robert Bound interviewed Andrew Keen about his new book, The Internet Is Not The Answer. It’s a very good read. And he was a very good guest – so good indeed that we have now per…


Culture with Rob Bound, 174

Monday 9 February

A visit to Pace Gallery’s wonderful new show about notorious 1960s art dealer Robert Fraser, we hear from artist John Gerrard about the physical side of the internet, head to Festival sur le Niger music festival in Mali and…



The Stack, 128

Saturday 7 February

A music magazine special with the Tony Herrington, editor-in-chief of ‘The Wire’ and music journalist Andrew Mueller. Plus Toyah Willcox shares her experience as one of the 1980s most featured front-cover musicians.


Culture / Society

The cost of culture

Thursday 5 February

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most beloved cultural hot spots. But Monocle’s Ben Rylan says its popularity is inviting clumsy redevelopments at the expense of the city’s most distinct and characterful landmarks.

A typical morning in the beachside suburb of St Kilda in Melbourne will have its sandy streets bustling with the area’s famous mix of grit and glamour. This art-deco labyrinth of cafés, bars, and creative spaces is the kind…

Culture / Film

Moving pictures

Wednesday 4 February

Japanese masters of animation Studio Ghibli are undergoing a subtle transformation as co-founder Hayao Miyazaki hands over the reins. But Monocle’s Robert Bound says its treasured characters are in safe hands.

At Studio Ghibli, that most wonderfully imaginative of animation production houses, there has been a changing of the guard. Hayao Miyazaki, at the helm of so many of the Japanese studio’s classics – Spirited Away, Howl’s…


Culture with Rob Bound, 173

Monday 2 February

Luc Tuymans and Christian Marclay tell us about their new London exhibitions at David Zwirner and White Cube galleries, we recap this year’s Sundance Film Festival, comedian Nick Mohammed introduces us to the protagonist…


Culture / Society

Burning issue

Monday 2 February

As Europe freezes over it’s summer in the southern hemisphere and no more so than in seemingly eternally sunny Brazil. Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco urges his fellow countrymen to enjoy it.

It’s been a tough summer in my home city, São Paulo, one of record-high temperatures, critically low water levels in the city’s reservoirs and power shortages. Not to mention the occasional street protest against rising…


The Stack, 127

Saturday 31 January

Tyler Brûlé gets his thumbs inky with influential art director and editor of ‘Eye’ magazine Simon Esterson and Terry Ramsey, associate editor of the ‘Telegraph World Edition’. Plus we go to Lisbon to speak to editor of…


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