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The Menu, 202

Friday 28 August

Chef Shaun Hergatt explains how to bring together influences from around the world, we find out about a collaboration between the Adrià brothers and Cirque du Soleil and a small Beirut restaurant that wants to bring dive…


The Menu, 201

Friday 21 August

We discuss why Italians know which sauces and shapes of pasta to put together, learn how to create a feeling of authenticity in a new luxury development and witness rock’n’roll cooking by British musician Luke Haines.



Expo 86: Smiles

Converted from the holiday hangout of its CEO, this bucolic sanctuary for Tokyo firm Smiles offers a chance for staff to enjoy the best in modern Japanese living.



Expo 86: 'Polityka'

A rural retreat set up for the staff of a Polish news magazine combines the relaxed vibe of a holiday home with the quiet of a writer's bolthole.


The Menu, 200

Friday 14 August

We meet the founder of the Finnish Kyrö Distillery whose gin was just chosen as the best brand for a G&T. We are also in Buenos Aires to hear how easy it is to convince the locals that it's not only Argentinians who know…


The Menu, 199

Friday 7 August

We visit a restaurant that goes exceptionally far in its quest for local food, the founders of London’s Honey & Co restaurant reveal their baking secrets and we get ready to order a Michelin-quality takeaway.


The Menu, 198

Friday 31 July

We visit Uruguay to ask the country’s beef-loving population whether they would consider having some vegetables on their menus. We also hear about Rio’s craft-beer bike-delivery service and sample a new spirit called Lan…


The Menu, 197

Friday 24 July

We’re in Argentina to meet the winemakers and sommeliers who are working hard to make the world understand the country’s variety of wines. We also head to Barcelona to witness high-fashion éclairs and then to Melbourne to…


The Menu, 196

Friday 17 July

We are in San Francisco to meet the founders of delicious business success Dandelion Chocolate. We also get some salad inspiration from chef and author Matt Wilkinson. Plus: we visit Toronto’s Barque Butcher, a butcher shop…


The Menu, 195

Friday 10 July

We reveal the top five of our Monocle Restaurant Awards, find out why Arabian dish knafeh has a cult following in Tel Aviv and get the week's headlines from Europe.


The 50 best restaurants 2015

The restaurants that normally win awards are obsessed with foam and dry ice but a great restaurant needs none of that. Here we celebrate the places we would go back to for their food, great chefs, old-school staff, lively…


Maine contender

Tristan McAllister reporting from Bangor: Transatlantic flights in need of an emergency stop head for Bangor International Airport. But today it’s not only suspicious passengers finding themselves heading into town: people…


All about the journey

Take a circuitous route via India, Scotland, Turkey, Russia, Japan and the US for meandering musings on the singular pleasure of travel. illustrated by Matt Blease

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