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Taking the plunge

September 2015

Swimming in the city got a boost this summer with the launch of inspiring new concepts in Berlin and London. We took a dip and explored the pool experiences on offer.


Retail special: tea emporiums

July 2015

The perfect hot drink is not always an espresso or a flat white: more and more specialty stores around the world are opening their doors to tea aficionados in search of the perfect brew. Monocle Films visits three emporiums…


Flights of fancy

June 2015

From state-of-the-art evacuation slides to the perfect mid-flight chocolate mousse, Monocle Films samples the innovation on offer at the world’s leading trade fair devoted to enhancing the in-flight experience.


The importance of place

April 2015

To highlight the importance of provenance, Gillian Dobias visited Monocle Quality of Life Conference panelists David Hieatt in Wales, Catarina Portas in Lisbon and Kamal Mouzawak in Beirut – three inspiring role models for…


The perfect high street

April 2015

High streets around the world are increasingly imperilled by the threat of online retailers and click-and-buy commerce. Ahead of our talk on the topic at Monocle's inaugural conference in Lisbon we devised a few simple…


Making a point

February 2015

In a competitive world driven by technological advances, some artisan producers are staying resilient and challenging the mass-produced industry. Monocle films visits entrepreneurs in Istanbul, Cape Town and Mallorca who…

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