March 2015

Japan-o-rama: can cute and kooky kick-start team Nippon again? Does Japan want to be taken seriously or will it become the Italy of Asia (a bit too slow for real global success)? A Monocle Special Report


Affairs / Society

East to West

Meet the Jazilians: the Japanese population in Brazil shares culture with the nation it calls home while interpreting traditional values within a Latin American society. It is a balancing act still finding the middle ground…


Affairs / Technology

Good feline

As a global Japanese image, Doraemon aptly combines cuteness and faith in technology. But with the blue robot cat from the future seeming increasingly rooted in the past, there’s a sense that Tokyo’s soft-power brokers want…


February 2015

The art of hospitality: reap what you sew (and bake, make and brew). The basics of being a good host: start in the home or a well-equipped Finnish classroom. Monocle gets a few lessons from battle-hardened GMs and some charming ambassadors. A new Monocle special.


Business / Fashion

Fashion police

Japanese clothing retailer Beams has its very own ‘internal affairs’ styling department, dedicated to helping shop staff find their personal look and inspire customers. It also believes in practising the perfect bow. This…


Affairs / Sport

Woman of fire

The desire to be the best and enjoy people’s cheers set Tina Maze on the slopes to become a world-champion skier and Slovenia’s top athlete. She tells Monocle about her long journey to the top.

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