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Printed Matter art bookshop in New York is a rare breed- a retail venture that puts principles before profit.

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— New York

“For us, a best-seller is a book that sells five copies a month,” says Catherine Krudy, Printed Matter’s acting associate director. Not much by traditional bookstore standards but sizeable considering that Printed Matter is home to 15,000 publications by 5,000 artists.

The well-stocked store in Chelsea is a non-profit organisation founded 33 years ago by artists and art workers. Its primary activity is distributing affordably priced, often self-published, ­editions of art books.

“The idea is to have an even playing field where…

Printed Matter’s top five picks:

Lisa Anne Auerbach ‘Charted Patterns for Sweaters That Talk Back’
Off-kilter instructions for sweaters with slogans.

John Baldessari ‘Brown and Green and Other Parables’
Cautionary tales in the artist’s typically dry style.

Philip Aarons and AA Bronson, editors, ‘Queer Zines’
A compendium, not a pop-up book.

Josh Smith ‘Tennessee Fish’
A study of the classification of nature in sketchbook form.

Kim Beck ‘A Field Guide To Weeds’
A beautifully bound world where weeds rule.


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