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This month we launch a new travel edit with a focus on great service and put the spotlight on some of Bavaria’s finest new hostelries. Plus, overleaf, there’s dining in Tokyo, a Zürich café that plays musical chairs and a retail concept that’s hit the road running.

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1. Louis Hotel:

The Louis Hotel in central Munich will be the sixth Bavarian venture in just over a decade for Rudi Kull and Albert Weinzierl, when it opens in September. With the Kull & Weinzierl Cortiina hotel already standing as a benchmark of quality among Munich’s pit stops, Kull explains that “our only constant when approaching a new project is a total dedication to craftsmanship and each venture is bespoke to the history of the building and its neighbourhood”.

Drawing on the cosmopolitan setting of the Viktualienmarkt, the city’s semi-perm…


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