Kitchen Kit— Global


For the gourmet and the gadget-lover, we’ve rounded up a host of unusual and staple items for your kitchen drawer from our culinary capers across the globe.

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01 Microplane sea salt shaver and Himalayan rock salt from Design Within Reach, dwr.com, microplane.com02 Al gusto tasting spoonfork by Pott from Panik-Design, panik-design.com, pott-bestecke.de03 Westmark lobster cracker, harrods.com, westmark.de04 Blomus “Utilo” teastick, dwr.com, blomus.com05 “Tabeo” fondue forks by Bodum, bodum.com06 Silicone whisk by Cuisipro, harrods.com, cuisipro.com07 Lolo flatware serving knife by Teroforma, teroforma.com08 Spaghetti spoon by Rosendahl, rosendahl.com09 Sharpening steel by Wüsthof, wusthof.de10 Seki Mag…


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