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Lakeland revival

— Bujumbura


Bujumbura has got all the substance required to turn Burundi’s backwater capital into an African success story and the country’s upcoming elections are a chance to create lasting peace after 15 years of civil war. But corruption could still derail the dream.

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Tracking down Burundi’s president, Pierre Nkurunziza, is not difficult. Almost every afternoon, as the sun sets over Lake Tanganyika, the stocky 45-year-old can be found on the same pitch playing central defence for his beloved football team, the Halleluyah FC. It’s always easy for the beer-sipping expats at the neighbouring boules club to tell when the president, who is an ex-rebel and born-again Christian, is in the team. The pick-up truck parked outside with a heavy machine gun on the back and the liberally armed soldiers acting as ball boys…


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