• #Pro tip 01 - Jason Bentley

Music director of KCRW radio station in LA

Don’t try to do it all yourself, and don’t expect to skip any steps. Find people that offer different skills, on business and creative fronts. Don’t expect to be a star overnight. The reality is that it takes talent and commitment over a period of time to really show results, but it can happen.

  • #Pro tip 02 - Florence Welch

AKA Florence and the Machine

It’s hard for me to give advice to a new band because I did everything wrong really, it’s amazing I’ve made it this far. It’s the best job in the world, but it’s relentless and takes up your whole life. You have to really love it to do it. Also, inspiration can come from very strange places so be open.

  • #Pro tip 03 - Mitchell Shymansky

Digital strategy manager for Universal Music International

Success online is about creating a tribe, and tribal leaders have to provide a rallying point. Decide what you’re about, make sure it stands out and find ways to communicate it. Don’t be afraid of a love or hate scenario, as long as people have an opinion.

  • #Pro tip 04 - Bernie Cho

President of DFSB Kollective entertainment agency, South Korea

iPhone apps are an artist’s new A&R ally. Internet radio services, such as Spotify, are available as apps and reward artists with a new “Pay2Play” business. Apps such as Shazam make music discovery easy. And for artists wishing to connect directly with fans, app development costs are dropping because it’s hot.

  • #Pro tip 05 - Brian Message

Radiohead manager and partner at ATC Management

Trust your instincts. It’s 100 per cent critical to stay true to what you’re about and if you let anything get in the way of that then you’re in danger of losing the magic that people get off on and fans connect with.

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