Warm front— Røros


Røros-Tweed has been weaving Norwegian lambswool products since 1939, building on a local tradition that goes back centuries. Rescued from bankruptcy in 1968, it is now supplying some of the world’s top designers.

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In Røros, locals casually speak of Christmases when the mercury dropped down to minus 50c (minus 20c is considered mild in winter). No wonder then that some of the world’s warmest woollen blankets are made here.

Røros-Tweed, whose client list includes the Japanese Emperor, Christian Dior and a range of high-end design boutiques, produces its blankets exclusively from Norwegian lambswool. Due to the climate in Norway, its insulation properties are considered superior to any other wool, such as merino or cashmere. “The curling of the wool makes it…


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