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A wine romance— Lebanon


For his ‘last meal’, food wouldn’t be the prime consideration for the head of the world-famous Château Musar vineyard, Serge Hochar. He would choose a special vintage white from his winery in Lebanon and enjoy it with some cheese and olives.

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­­­­­­­“For my last meal, I chose a very special vintage. Château Musar 1959 is the first vintage white wine I made when coming to work at my father’s winery. It is also my best. My wish was always to see it age. This wine pushes me to live longer to see it through. It’s my youngest wine and my oldest companion. The wine stays by my side without uttering a word and when I want to question it, it lets go of a thousand memories. This vintage is the fruit of 50 years of history. It carries a different message with each sip. It’s all the earthly…


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