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Food & Drink

Feast your rye

— Helsinki


Aki Arjola, a former food magazine editor and founder of a food shop in Helsinki, takes us on a tour of his neighbourhood.

Aki Arjola, Herkkujuustola, Töölö

Aki Arjola founded his shop, Eat & Joy Farmers Market in Helsinki in June 2009. Eight months later, the store retains a steady clientele of foodies from near and far. The shelves are lined with bags of organic stoneground flour and dark loaves of sour, slow-baked Finnish ryebread. Crates of beer from local micro-breweries pile up on the floor and the fridge is packed with unpasteurised milk, cheese and butter, smoked fish, reindeer meat and the market’s trademark beef from Finnish cattle.

Arjola began his career in the 1990s working in electronics…


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