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It’s one of the most important meals of the day and a morning ritual we’re never willing to sacrifice. Whether it’s a croissant or miso soup, a hearty breakfast and a punchy coffee will perk you up for the day. We’ve rounded up the components for a perfect start, from the tastiest muesli recipe to the finest coffee makers and the best morning reads.

Birchermüesli, Breakfast, El País



This Swiss cereal was originally created by Dr Bircher-Benner, who pioneered the theory of healing through nutrition. The breakfast meal he created in the 1890s for his patients is still popular today and will garner the approval of both strict nutritionists and grumbling stomachs. Now defined as a mixture of raw grain flakes, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, below is a recipe for Birchermüesli, the Swiss original.

Ingredients (serves two):

100g rolled oats
250ml milk
1 grated red apple
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp toasted hazelnuts

Five steps to coffee heaven

  1. Ascaso ‘Dream’:
    Coffee purists opt for a manual pump machine to feel more involved in the process and for this, Ascaso will do the trick. If you want a machine that grinds, tamps and filters at the touch of a button you might opt for a Jura or Nespresso.

  2. Ascaso tamper:
    Pack your coffee tightly with a tamper, determining how much water goes through the coffee and how good your crema is.

  3. La Pavoni grinder:
    This burr grinder gives a coarse or fine grind depending on whether you want an espresso or cappuccino.

  4. Ilsa milk jug:
    For perfect “micro-bubbles”, keep the coffee machine nozzle just above the milk to create a thick dense foam.

  5. Bialetti Moka Express:
    A staple of every Italian kitchen, it’s a stove-top coffee maker for the perfect espresso.

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Ben Townsend Owner and barista, The Espresso Room, London

What constitutes the perfect breakfast coffee?
It has to be the best. The key is a good espresso base and micro-textured milk foam with a creamy texture that takes skill to produce.

Do you need a good coffee machine?
For the home drinker, I would recommend the French press or the Chemex filter coffeemaker. It’s difficult to find a domestic machine that foams milk well, so it’s best to avoid a latte or flat white.

Should you always grind your own beans?
Yes, grinding fresh is key. You should always buy your beans from a quality roaster. Look for a burr grinder not one with the helicopter style blades. Be sure to use water that’s off the boil otherwise you’ll destroy the more delicate aromas and produce a bitter cup.

What brands would you recommend drinking?
Beans from Square Mile and Has Bean. Also, London’s Monmouth coffee and Union Hand-Roasted. Look for roasters who give clear, recent roast dates and source quality green beans.



CitiZdot machines

For slick design and ease of use, we turn to Nespresso. Its latest take on the popular CitiZ range is the CitiZdot, that rolls out this month. The two limited edition machines are called Paris and New York and can be used with the new Tanzaru coffee blend that will be released this spring.


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