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Starting on a shoestring, Benjamin Sommerhalder moved from making his own magazine to building up a small publishing house with a gallery and shop space. And on the way he’s kick-started an old-fashioned publishing boom.

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On the first floor of the naughtiest corner in Zürich’s red light district (yes, it has one; no, it’s not especially seedy) sits Benjamin Sommerhalder, the softly spoken 32-year-old one-man-band behind niche publishing house Nieves. Releasing roughly 30 to 40 titles a year, from the ­­­lo-fi stapled Zines to the full-on artist books, Nieves has positioned itself comfortably on the shelves of the world’s best bookstores – operated by Sommerhalder almost singlehandedly from a rickety desk on Zürich’s Brauerstrasse, with its not-very-bookish vista…

Nieves books

  1. The Mysteries of Life Kept Secret by Jo Jackson The first booklet published by Nieves in offset, 2003
  2. Recent Work by Geoff McFetridge The third Nieves title inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, by illustrator McFetridge, 2009
  3. The Times They Are The Changes by The Changes Nieves’ second hard-cover book, 2009
  4. Individuals 4 by Nakako Hayashi The first guest-edited issue of Zoo, 2001
  5. Chronicles Vol. 1 by Kim Gordon The first book in the series by the Sonic Youth frontwoman, 2005
  6. Mister Lonely by Harmony Korine Nieves’ first published screenplay, 2008.

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