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With typical egalitarian flourish and quirk, New Zealand’s national carrier has come up with an innovation that will expand the horizons of horizontal leisure travel. Plus overleaf, we discover a new Hong Kong hub, a cosy Cape Town bistro, inspired accommodation in Melbourne and Berlin and pancakes in Tokyo.

Air New Zealand, Fuji Dream, Rob Fyfe, Swire Hotel

Saying kia ora to the future of air travel, Air New Zealand – known for its video security demonstrations conducted by naked, body-painted stewardesses, and its matey “How ya going?” customer service approach – revealed in Auckland in January the prototype design of its new Boeing 777-300s. After three years of planning, the airline is bringing to the long-suffering economy traveller that icon of modern long-haul travel: the bed.

Technically, it’s a clever footrest. Hinged to the bottom of the seats is a flap that can be swung up to lay flat in…


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