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My Last Meal: Sweet natured

— Tokyo


The almighty Master Shibatayama, a former Grand Champion sumo wrestler, chooses a traditional Japanese restaurant in Shinjuku for his Last Meal. He runs a sumo school in Tokyo and is the author of several books on regional sweets, which are his weakness.

Master Shibatayama, Onokuni, Sumo Wrestling

“The tastes that you acquire at the age of five, you will never forget. I grew up the son of a farmer in Hokkaido. My mother worked alongside my father so it was my grandmother who did the cooking: we ate a lot of milk, potatoes, pumpkins, corn and beans.

I used to hate it at the time and wanted more meat. Since then I’ve travelled and eaten many different foods. But now I miss my grandmother’s food. When you reach a certain age, your palate goes back to the original tastes that you acquired when you were young.

My life changed when I moved to Tokyo…


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