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Joy King started out as an accountant and ended up as a script writer for an adult film company. She tells Monocle about her love for conjuring up steamy scenes and her efforts to boost the image of her business.

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“LA is kind of one big melting pot. Where I grew up is Riverside (that’s about an hour from downtown, a sort of a suburb), there wasn’t a lot of opportunity, so as soon as I could I moved to Los Angeles. Originally it was to pursue a career in acting – I had done a lot of theatre when I was younger – but I quickly learned that Hollywood was a difficult place to survive unless you were willing to do certain things that I wasn’t willing to do.

So I ended up doing accounting for an auto parts distributor. I had a roommate who worked for an agent who…

Here’s a teaser

The ‘Hardcore Cougars’ sell: “Go behind the scenes of one naughty neighbourhood and the hot-n-horny women who rule the roost. Meet Brenda, she’s having sex with her neighbour’s son Joe. Joe’s mum Susan is sleeping with her hairdresser and next door, Christiana is tutoring her daughter’s boyfriend on the fine art of oral sex. But don’t forget about Sylvia who’s keeping her husband’s son busy between the sheets while Mary puts out the welcome mat for two hunky handymen. In this neck of the woods, you can’t tame these hardcore cougars!”

01 ‘Count Rackula’
02 ‘Breast Side Story’
03 ‘Fun With Chick & Jane’
04 ‘Grand Theft Orgy’
05 ‘Supersize Meat’
06 ‘Breast in Show’
07 ‘Little Miss Where The Sun Don’t Shine’
08 ‘Sweet & Sour Porked’
09 ‘The Grim Rimmer’
10 ‘Your Mommy & Me’

01 About 8,000 adult films were produced in the US in 2009 by some 150 studios.
02 Up to 90 per cent of US adult films are produced in Los Angeles, followed by studios in Florida and Pheonix.
03 Female talent gets paid $800 to $1,200 (€590 to €880) a scene, but major actresses such as Jenna Hayes make up to $2,000.
04 Male talent makes $300 to $600 a scene.
05 In 2009 California-based studio Pure Play released the first fully 3D adult film, Tommy Guns Cummin’ at You! This year will see another, by Caligula director Tinto Brass.
06 The adult film industry in the US is worth total of $10bn (€7.4bn), about 65 per cent of that comes from DVD sales.
07 The number of studio start-ups is slowing down but 2009 saw two significant additions: Jennaration X, and Gray Art – both owned by major porn stars Jenna Hayes and Sasha Gray, respectively.
08 Movie budgets in the adult entertainment industry range from $12,000 (€9,000) to over $1m – spent by Digital Playground on its 2005 release, Pirates 2.


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