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Fashion Briefing

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Beams opens a new store in Japan, the owners of Opening Ceremony show us their favourite pieces and we talk to the founders of the Tenet pop-up concept in the US.

Beam house, Denham, Henry Cuir, Jesse Warren, Monitaly, Roda

Cut to the chase

New Zealand

“It seemed logical to start with the first thing we put on and work from there,” says 29-year-old Kiwi Scrap Wall on his new boxer short brand Confidentials. Produced locally in Auckland – Scrap sources cloth two blocks from his home, and his cutters are two streets away – Confidentials boxers come in black or white and are recognisable only by the red thread on the shell buttons. What’s next? “The next piece is the shirt. Same sensational cloth, and an impeccable cut. The second piece to put on in the morning…”



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