Jungle flyer— Java


Susi Air, based in Pangandaran, West Java, was founded by a husband and wife team and came into its own after the 2004 tsunami.

Pangandaran, Susi Air

Susi flies mostly propeller turbine aeroplanes and a small fleet of helicopters to far-flung hilltops and jungle clearings. Most of its scheduled service, however, – about half of its activity, the rest being charter, VIP and medevac – is flown to a network of Indonesian airports.

Christian von Strombeck and Susi Pudjiastuti originally set up the company to transport stock from their own fisheries, receiving their first two planes, Cessna Caravans, in October 2004. Then on 26 December 2004 the tsunami struck. “We needed to help so we put the Ces…


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