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Diplomacy rules

— Geneva


Geneva: a world-shaper, a knowledge economy, a cultural hub and a city on the rise in our Quality of Life index. But how long can it hold on to its unique role? Property is hard to find, living costs are high and there are rival cities keen to take on its mantle. At the same time, no one can fault the lifestyle. Or can they?

Geneva, International affairs, Politics, UN

Three key facts:
1: Tribune de Genève is the main newspaper.
2: Average ambulance response time: five to seven minutes in centre.
3: There are 36 museums and art centres.

Geneva’s lakeside location is deceptively quaint. This city is, after all, one of the world’s most important diplomatic centres and these folksy surroundings are a well-established forum for hard-hitting, history-making global agreements. It was here at the famous “Fireside Summit” that Reagan and Gorbachev melted the Cold War and where peace was brokered for the war-ravaged…


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