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Five urban escapes

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Cities from Tokyo to Turin work because when you you really need to get away, they have rural, beach or mountain retreats on the doorstep. Here are five urbanite playgrounds.

Finale ligure, Karuizawa, Kragerø, Potsdam, Valle de Tiétar

Finale Ligure


A two-hour drive from Turin, Finale Ligure is a low-key resort on the Italian Riviera where the city’s executives and academics pass the summer months. Situated at the base of a limestone mountain, the town has pristine beaches, a palm-tree lined promenade and a shopping strip. Close by are two picturesque hamlets: Finalborgo, a walled medieval settlement set back in the foothills; and Varigotti, a quaint fishing village of low-slung residences in golden yellow and burnt sienna hues. Sun-worshippers relax on loungers at Varigo…


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