Five Viennese cultural players

1 section.a Created to convince the private sector of the power of artists and creatives, section.a organises some eye-catching public art installations.
2 FM4 radio A mix of English-language programming, including Gilles Peterson’s weekly show, FM4 is Vienna’s tastemaker for indie and alternative music.
3 Dorian Concept Jazz and funk beats overlaid with orchestral synth arrangements that have won praise from DJs around the world.
4 Georg Kargl Fine Arts The leading light of the contemporary art scene, Kargl opened his gallery in an old printing shop on a quiet street 12 years ago. Many more have followed since.
5 Parabol This annual publication is produced by section.a and sister agency section.d and curated by a different artist each year. Parabol routinely wins design awards.

Vienna essentials

Without a harpsichord museum in sight, here are some contemporary gems:

Pratersauna Housed in a 1950s sauna, this club takes Berlin’s creative space interpretation and blends it with Viennese refinement. It attracts an international roster of DJs while bands play on a stage in front of a stained-glass wall.

Das Weisse Haus One of the city’s “off-spaces”, this pop-up gallery is guided by the curatorial hands of Alexandra Grausam and Elsy Lahner, who put on first-time exhibitions of media artists on two floors of a mid-century building.

Restaurant in the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) Viennese architects Gregor Eichinger and Christian Knechtl are behind the smooth, muted interior, which contrasts with the MAK’s neo-classical elegance. The views of the Ringstrasse are excellent from the terrace.

Modul University In a city of august universities, Vienna’s newest is equipping the next generation of managers with a new media skill set on pace with the rapidly advancing digital age.

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