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From Dutch bread-making philanthropists to a pioneering food co-op in the heart of London, vernacular retail is thriving. Even an established supermarket giant is getting in on the local act.

Matsunoya, Piazza at Schmidts, The People's Supermarket, The Third Ear, Vlaamsch Broodhuys, Waitrose

1. Piazza at Schmidts


Over a decade ago, developer Bart Blatstein returned home from Rome with the goal of building his own piazza. It was hard to tell what he meant: Northern Liberties, the Philadelphia neighbourhood where he had been buying up properties, had charming streets and abandoned factories perfect for condos but little Roman character. Last year, Blatstein unveiled the result: the Piazza at Schmidts, on the site of a famous but now defunct brewery, with apartments and offices ringing a 7,500 sq m open-air plaza encircled by…


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