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Plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy has earned legendary status in Brazil, with his philosophy that good looks should be available to all, regardless of wealth or social standing. His pioneering techniques are still admired by surgeons all over the world.

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Beautiful life

Ivo Pitanguy’s CV

1926 Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
1946 Graduates from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro School of Medicine
1954 Founds 38th Infirmary ward at General Hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia, Rio de Janeiro
1960 Assumes chair and professorship at Post-Graduate Medical School of Pontifical Catholic University, Rio
1961 Attends to burns victims of Niterói Circus fire
1963 Opens Clínica Ivo Pitanguy, Rio
1974 Directs Rio’s Modern Art Museum
1981 Publishes Plastic Surgery of the Head and Body
1999 Honoured by a float called The Universe Of Beauty in Rio’s carnival
2009 Publishes his memoirs, Letters to a Young Surgeon

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