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Lazzarini Pickering

1982 Lazzarini Pickering established in Rome 1998 Receives the ADI Compasso d’Oro prize for its “Isotropo” furniture range 2004 Hotel Bad Dreikirchen in South Tyrol selected for the Italian Pavilion at the 9th Venice Architectural Biennale. Completes Fendi store in Paris 2006 Awarded 1st prize Millenium Yacht Design for the “Roma” sailing yacht 2010 Receives Designpreis Deutschland Gold for the “Wally Shaka” yacht

Q&A with Theodore Margellos

Managing partner,IJ Partners

Why did you decide to have the office designed in this way?
I had previously assigned work to Carl Pickering and Claudio Lazzarini and was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I explained then what IJ Partners [IJ stands for Informed Judgment] wanted to achieve: an innovative approach to wealth management based on trust, transparency and teamwork. And they delivered.

How does the design reflect the work you do?
Taking into consideration that our clients are high net worth individuals and family offices, we wanted the office space to be distinctive and client-friendly but not ostentatious in order to convey a message that IJ Partners is a 21st century company that respects values that go back a long way.

What atmosphere does the design create?
I believe a very relaxed one. At the same time it is a high quality, stylish environment.

How do your staff feel about the design?
They like it a lot – it is certainly very different from their previous working environment.

Do you think the office design affects the way your company operates?
It is very important to be in a pleasant yet businesslike environment, both for the people spending long hours in the office and for the clients visiting.

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