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Top of the glass

— Germany


A family business has been producing a simple niche product for five decades. By making the most of its employees’ expertise to constantly refine the “perfect” glass washer, it now sells to more than 50 countries.

Dishwasher, Engineering, Schicker & Schäfer, Spülboy

If you go to a bar or pub almost anywhere in the world and look behind the counter, it’s highly likely that you will find a gadget that’s produced by a tiny company in the German town of Wuppertal, outside Düsseldorf. Here, surrounded by verdant hills, resides Schicker & Schäfer, maker of the Spülboy glass washer that sits in the sink of bars, allowing barmen to quickly clean everything from flutes to schooners without recourse to a dishwasher – or laborious washing by cloth and sponge. The machine connects to a tap and operates off water-pressure…


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