1. Van Deurs et al
    Fashion designer Susanne Beskow runs the shop, which sells her own brand van Deurs as well as other small brands, such as Sweden’s Patouf and Noir & Blanc. “I only work with pleated fabrics. I never buy anything ready-made; everything is pleated by hand," says Beskow, whose collection features everything from bags and scarves to full-length dresses.

  2. David Design
    The Swedish furniture producer was founded in 2002 and features designers such as Matti Klenell and Inga Sempé. In addition to its own collection, David Design also sells products from the Danish Hay and the Finnish Tikau, among others.

  3. Badrummet
    This bathroom shop sells the finest perfumes, towels, washbasins and accessories. Founder Ulrika Halvardsson has been in the business for 25 years.

  4. Galleri S7
    Gallerist Eric Andersson has 30 years’ experience of organising art exhibitions, but had not been running his own gallery since 1998, until he found the perfect location at Snickarbacken 7. Upcoming names include the Swedish painter Samira Englund and sculptor Peter Jonsson.

  5. Kaffeverket
    A coffee bar specialising in locally produced food, traceable coffee and the latest brewing methods. “The bread is organic, all sweets are baked in-house and the strawberry juice is bought from a small farm in Asby, which more or less sells all its production to us,” says co-owner Jonas Findell.

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