Krohn prince— Norway


Claus Krohn, the 77-year-old founder of Krohn Air in Norway, is far from retiring from the skies.

Claus Krohn, Krohn Air

It is often the young who tend to venture into unknown territory and break new entrepreneurial ground. Or airspace, for that matter. But bucking the trend is Claus Krohn. Even though he’s in his seventies, he thrives at 30,000ft.

He started Krohn Air last February after Scandinavian Airlines terminated the route between Molde and Trondheim, creating a vacuum for early-bird business commuters. A skilled local businessman in the region, having worked in sales since 1957, Krohn was quick to seize the opportunity.

“I like to live an exciting life and…

  1. The fleet comprises two aircraft: a Dornier 328–100, which is a 32-seat turboprop, and a BAE Jetstream 32, a 19-seat turboprop.

  2. The airline has six permanent members of staff, in addition to members of Krohn’s family.

  3. Everything is basic in the design world of Krohn Air; the air stewards wear simple navy uniforms.

  4. Passengers are served a breakfast box with a small sandwich – milk, coffee, chocolate and juice are complimentary.

  5. In-flight entertainment is kept to a minimum but Norwegian air stewards are attractive enough to make up for it.


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