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Top three leather goods firms

Makr, USA

Jason Gregory’s background as an architect is evident in the highly technical design of Makr’s accessories, which include card cases and wallets. Most of the leather is sourced from Horween in Chicago.

Scheer, Austria

Viennese shoe company Scheer is seven generations old. “We still use the same tools and techniques,” says owner Markus Scheer. Adding a 15-fold polish with specially developed creams ensures the best possible protection for your footwear.

Inden-ya, Japan

“Our company dates back to the Edo era. We don’t see time as other fashion people do,” says Tadatoshi Dezawa, director at Inden-ya. Many traditional techniques are used to make Inden leather wallets purses and bags. It takes at least five years to train as an Inden-ya craftsman.

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