Life craft— Bosnia


The Bosnian wood-working company Rukotvorine has survived many battles – literally. But now it is hoping to sell its Balkan crafts around the world.

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If you drive south of Sarajevo, in the ­direction of Mostar, after an hour you pass through a short tunnel near the top of a mountain into what locals refer to as California. Although Herzegovina-Neretva is separated from the canton of Sarajevo by just a mountain peak, its rocky outcrops and grey mist give way to a verdant landscape and clear skies.

It sounds unlikely, but the sunshine and greenery are not the only surprise. The river town of Konjic, in the heart of Herzegovina-Neretva, is home to another unlikely phenomenon: a small, heritage…

Made in Bosnia

Local goods we took home

Copper tray and coffee pot

Copper and tin are two of the more abundant local natural resources

Folding wooden fruit bowl

With mid-century modernist echoes, this fruitbowl comes in three sizes

Organic soap

Dr Pasha’s organic beauty products are all handmade in Bosnia

Recorder and knitted fox

Painted wooden recorders are very popular, as are foxes – the mascot of the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics


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