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From the perfect Martini to the best nibbles, plus something to read while sipping your sundowner, the Monocle drinks trolley is well stocked and ready for cocktail hour.

Cocktails, Tony Conigliaro


Monocle’s guide to both practical and whimsical drinking literature.

Diffordsguide no.9

Indispensable to the modern barman, this guide covers over 2,800 cocktails. With new editions every 18 months, content spans an encyclopaedic range of drink-related topics, from the basics of shaking, stirring and straining, to glassware selection and garnish preparation.

Everyday Drinking, Kingsley Amis

Bedtime-reading for the “true-drink man”, a phrase coined by Amis to describe the ardent imbiber. From the cracking hangover to bar accessories, all topics…

Drinks to stock

  1. Krug Champagne, krug.fr
  2. Campari, campari.com
  3. Theresienthal “Roland” carafe and whisky tumbler, theresienthal.de
  4. Alessi shaker and strainer, alessi.com
  5. “Roland” bowls by Theresienthal
  6. “Soji” bowl by Mute, mu-te.com
  7. Olive wood lemon squeezer by David Mellor, davidmellor.com
  8. Alessi cocktail measure
  9. “Prestige” glasses by Theresienthal, theresienthal.de
  10. Stelton bucket and tongs by Arne Jacobsen, skandium.com
  11. Schweppes bitter lemon, schweppes.com
  12. Fever Tree tonic water, fevertree.com
  13. Schweppes ginger ale
  14. Big Tom tomato juice, bigtom.co.uk
  15. Vichy Catalan soda water, vichycatalan.com
  16. Cointreau orange liqueur, citybeverage.co.uk
  17. Chambord – Black Raspberry Liqueur, chambordonline.com
  18. Potocki vodka, potockivodka.com
  19. Maker’s Mark Bourbon, makersmark.com
  20. Goslings Gold Bermuda Rum, goslingsrum.com
  21. Don Julio Tequila, donjulio.com
  22. The Balvenie Single Malt Whisky (30 years aged), thebalvenie.com
  23. Monkey 47 Gin, monkey47.com
  24. Bacardi Superior Rum, bacardi.com
  25. Sipsmith Vodka, sipsmith.com
  26. Angostura bitters, angostura.com
  27. Adam Elmegirabs Dandelion & Burdock bitters, bokersbitters.co.uk
    28 Tea trolley from LuLu Bright, lulubright.co.uk

Cocktail kit

  1. Roland carafe and tumblers by Theresienthal, theresienthal.de
  2. Tray and bowls by Puiforcat, puiforcat.com
  3. “Soji” bowl by Mute, mu-te.com
  4. Olive wood lemon squeezer by David Mellor, davidmellordesign.com
  5. Stelton Martini mixer with mixer spoon and ice bucket with tongs by Arne Jacobsen, skandium.com
  6. “Prestige” tumblers by Theresienthal, theresienthal.de
  7. Coasters by El Casco, el-casco.com
  8. Wine & Bar bottle opener, corkscrew, foil cutter, normann-copenhagen.com
  9. Bowl by Theresienthal, theresienthal.de
  10. Alessi cocktail measure, alessi.com


Tony Conigliaro,

Bartender and co-owner, 69 Colebrooke Row, London

What makes the perfect drinks trolley?
Good ice is really important and the clearer the better. The purer the water, the slower it melts, which means it’s better for shaking. The point of a drinks trolley is to get the drink to the customer as cold and as quickly as possible.

What do you need to get started?
Key spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whisky and Angostura bitters and a good selection of mixers. A good ice bucket and a lemon presser so you can make fresh lemons for a Tom Collins too.


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