Five projects

  1. The design and master plan for a major mixed-use 275,000 sq m development in south-east Asia, including a five-star hotel, ice-rink, residential, commercial and retail spaces and landscaping.
  2. A modular housing project for an undisclosed client. Looking at the “next-generation” of pre-fab housing, it consists of a modular, stackable unit. The units could be used in several situations, including refuges for disaster zones.
  3. Nebula is an art installation planned for the new Targetti/Poulsen showroom in Milan. The artwork demonstrates how daylight can be projected through a building.
  4. An integrated art programme over three floors of a college in the US. The installation of varying and shifting patterns will fill the school’s “forgotten spaces” of corridors, hallways and lobbies.
  5. Competition win for a piece of public art for a public government building in Alaska, due to be completed next year and designed in aluminium.

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