Brand highlights

Atelier Cologne
Atlelier Cologne’s line of Cologne Absolue has an emphasis on natural essential oils with a citrus slant. Scents such as Bois Blonds have top notes of Tunisian neroli and base notes of Haitian vetiver.

This Swedish brand’s perfumes include a woody rose and heady amber scent. Points for packaging effort – perfume is kept in glass flacons that are hand blown at Sweden’s oldest glassworks Kosta Boda and designed by glass artist Åsa Jungnelius.

P Frapin & Cie
The scents of this French brand are based on the production process of the Cognac made at the estate of the esteemed Frapin. The citrusy L’humaniste is one of its most popular scents.

Profumi del Forte
An Italian brand created by Enzo Torre as an ode to Tuscany. Packaged with glass from Siena and marble stoppers from Carrara.

Nez à Nez
Founded by Christa Patout and her husband Stéphane Humbert Lucas, a perfumer who has synaesthesia, a condition which causes him to associate colours with smells.

Keiko Mecheri
Japan-born, US-resident Keiko Mecheri and her French/Algerian husband worked as product and packaging designers before turning to fragrance. Their Camellia scent was launched at the fair.

Monocle 24

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