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Expo 45: Kagoshima

— Kagoshima


A long, long way from Tokyo, this distinct, defiant, delightful city is unsung to the point that even the Japanese are hardly aware of it. And if you think the view across the Bay of Naples is spectacular…

Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Kagoshima, Rome, Seoul

The business of city twinning throws up some unlikely couples. None more so – superficially at least – than Kagoshima, a city at the southern end of the Japanese island of Kyushu, and its Italian sibling, Naples. Guide books to Japan trot out the obvious similarities – the balmy climate, blue waters and the proximity of a simmering volcano. They could also mention the distinctive cuisine, the unpretentious, loquacious residents and a sun-bleached quality that gives summer afternoons a quiet, almost lethargic atmosphere.

Kagoshima pays homage to its…


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