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Expo 45: Seoul

— Seoul


Many cities claim to be 24-hour party places. But nowhere is a hedonists’ dream quite like the South Korean capital. Sure, it’s a dizzying mix of people, lights, traffic and consumption. But that’s also its great appeal.

Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Kagoshima, Rome, Seoul

It depends who your friends are, but Seoul can be tiring. Come on, it’s the 21st century; hundreds of cities never sleep now – not just New York, Tokyo and some jet-lagged gambling mirage on an American desert horizon – but Seoul can’t help it. There’s no getting in taxis at dawn to drink vino verde in a docker’s zinc like you might in Porto, there’s no need to end an evening with pints in the pre-dawn palette world of London’s meat marketeers; in Seoul nowhere really stops, no one ever seems to sleep. It depends who your friends are, but Seoul…


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